Dark brothers came like
An adopted brothers
Sharing my roof
Sharing my food
Sharing my place

In disguise of oneness
My identity was sold
My fortune was stolen
My food was poisoned
My back was struck with dagger

Now, l am molested
Now, l am persecuted
Now, called a criminal

My crimes only to
speak the truth
Of my identity sold
Of my fortune stolen
Of the sufferings of my people
Of who we are
Of what we do

Dark brothers,
Do you know what?
I remain a strong advocate
To what l believe.
To the welfare of my people.
Fearless of my enemies
To speak the truth.

If you are a mountain,
Be ready to be dismantled.
If you are a killer,
Be ready to disappear.
If you are darkness,
Be ready to be outshined by light.

I am the light
And light is the truth
And truth shall prevail
And we shall sing
The song of victory
In thousands, in millions
Following the footsteps
Of our fathers
Back to the land
Of the rising sun!!!.
Nnamdi Kanu the great.
All Hail Biafra!!!

Written by : Onyebuchi Eucharia
For IPOB writers


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