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The more I see and the more I hear the more I think about my kids, grandkids and great grandkids. We read how Obama plans on a takeover of survival food, food, medication and everything we need to survive. He wants control of any and everything we use and need.

I have read how terrorists are going to destroy our electricity and nothing that uses electricity will ever work again, how our water will be poisoned. How we will all be picked up like cattle and put into FEMA camps. How we are all going micro chipped so the government knows our every move.

Did anyone see the plastic caskets the government has on hand? Have any of you seen the cities they are building underground and they have cars, guards and they are equipped to take people? The program I watched said these cities are under closed down Walmarts. Walmart told people they were getting new plumbing but the people say there was no problem with the plumbing.

People have told me that I am crazy, go drink more kool-aid or something.

Remember Jim Jones and the people who died or that sick Bastard David K who they thought they were the next God or ruler? Now that bastard is talking about taking over the elections.

It has already been said he will stay in office if Trump wins. All the things that have been written about the last 8 years seem to be put into place one day at a time. Why are the people sitting and allowing it to happen? I have sent email after email to the Oregon elected and all I get is I am doing what is best for Oregon and the people. Every one of them are Obama lovers, worshippers. Do they really think he will allow them to stay in office? They will be like the people told to bend over, grab your ankles and tell Obama to keep on screwing America.

I didn't vote for him, asking what the people were thinking when they voted for that nobody inexperienced, unknown thing from Chicago. I have heard you give them an inch and they will take a mile.

Obama has the idea he is top dog and can do what he wants, the law doesn't pertain to him or his friends. I know this is long but I just want the ones who slammed me, told me to drink more kool-aid.

I got news for those bastards in D C and that is I am not a cow and they are not going to brand me, they are not going to lock me up in one of his FEMA camps, they are not going to tell me what I can do. I have always been headstrong, never listen to what anyone told me to do and I am not going to start now. We the people need to stand up and take our country back and let Trump make it great again. Hillary and the gay Muslim need to be locked away.

Did anyone decide why that guy shot up that club in Florida? If it was about hating gays then Obama isn't living by what his religion believes. Remember what the Boston tea party was all about.

My freedom of speech allows me to have my own thoughts, my own feelings and to date, I don't think he can control what I say or what I do. God bless America and her. Citizens and God Bless our Military and their families and our Veterans for making America the best country in the world and all you have done for us and 1 power hungry bastard to destroy what our Military and our ancestors worked so hard for their future generations

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