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Former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode on Wednesday released a bombshell, declaring that the North is nothing without southern oil.
Fani-Kayode who has been quite vocal and critical of the ruling APC intensified his advocacy for a restructuring of Nigeria.
The former aviation minister stressed that he prays President Muhammadu Buhari finds crude oil in the northern part of the country in commercial quantities.

He is of the opinion that if they do, it would give rise to a call for a peaceful exit from Nigeria for the North.
According to him, the major barrier to ensuring peaceful resolutions on how different ethnic groups in the country co-exist is the north. because the Southern part of Nigeria is the mainstay of its north counterpart.
Fani-Kayode reasons that this is because the Southern part of Nigeria is the mainstay of its north counterpart.
And if the north can find oil, they would not be dependent on oil from the south.

Femi Kayode took to Twitter to share his thoughts on restructuring of the country.
He said:
“My prayer for Nigeria is that oil is found in commercial quantities in the core north.

“I am glad that @MBuhari [President Buhari] is looking for it desperately.
“If he finds it, he and the north will be the first to call for a break-up of the country.
“If he fails to find it, they will continue to be the greatest obstacle to the restructuring of our nation.
“And they will continue to provide the greatest opposition to the peaceful division of our country.
“Why? Because without southern oil the north is nothing.”
The outspoken former aviation minister, says he is “heartbroken” by the level of betrayal he has experienced in the past few months.
Writing on another post on his Twitter handle on Thursday, Fani-Kayode, said the betrayal that he has suffered from the least expected quarters in the last three months is heart-breaking.
According to him, he thought he had seen and heard it all until now.
In a rather sad tone, he quipped:
“Thankfully the Holy Bible says ‘he who repays good with evil, evil will never leave his household’.
“I leave them to God. Destiny speaks at the end.”




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