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At least two people were found dead and several more heavily injured in a DC explosion that happened early this morning – officials said.

Assistant Chief Russ Hamill of the Montgomery County Police told reporters Friday that two bodies were found in the ashes of an old building and several more were heavily injured, after an explosion leveled an apartment building early this morning. The scene will be handled as a death investigation said Russ.

The identity of one of the victims is yet to be published but the speculators are saying that it belongs to a key witness against the Clintons.

Hamill said that more than 20 people were taken to the hospital. Many of them are suffering from injuries they sustained while they were jumping out of the windows in a hope they will survive.

The neighbours are saying that dozens more are missing, and it is believed that a long time insider and key witness is among those.

The identities of the victims are yet to be confirmed. First we have to contact the families of the deceased and afterwards we will come up with the full list of victims – said Hamill.

All eyes are on the mysterious deaths that are surrounding the Clintons lately, especially those who were labeled as ,,suicides,,.



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