Biafra - Birth of a Nation

September 21, 2016

The mountains are moving, the hills are lowered, the tide of the rivers are high, the ocean current is striking, the sky is blue, the wind is blowing, the sun is rising, the land is ready, the birds are singing, nature is calling for the last miracle on earth "Biafra".
One may not understand the movements of the spirits nor the ways of the gods, but one thing is clear "Freedom is here".

Nnamdi Kanu the great, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), the messiah, the redeemer, the great liberator, the prophet Joshua of our time, the apple of God's eye, the light of the nation, no evil hand can touch or come near you for you are under the shadow of the almighty.

On Friday 23rd September 2016, The world will witness a freedom rally never seen before, IPOB all around the world will match for the "Free Nnamdi Kanu Campaign" in over 80 countries of the world, this campaign has been tagged "Mother of all Protest" as the world is set to experience a Tsunami movement. meanwhile, in Biafraland a sit-at-home protest have been activated and Biafrans are advised to stay home and all markets, shops,schools, businesses shot down.

Social media is already agog , with many news media sites and blogs writing and posting about the planned rally, tensions are high, morals are high also as IPOB prepares for the world biggest protest ever. Muhamadu Buhari must understand that we are resolute and formidable and we will never stop until freedom for Nnamdi and Biafra is achieved.
Buhari and his agents can try all they can to stop us but one thing is clear, we are not retreating and we are not surrendering.

Nnamdi Kanu is reportedly ill in Kuje prison where he's been illegally held against court orders and as a result of the gas canisters shot into his cell room he has developed serious illness, let me use this opportunity to sound this warning to Buhari and every Nigerian, "If anything, i repeat ANYTHING happens to Nnamdi Kanu, Nigeria will be history and that will mark the end of peace in the world, Therefore i call on the British government to make the right call and answer to their citizen and set him free.

He is set to appear in court on Monday 26th September 2016 and once again the world's attention will be on Nigeria to see how justice will be carried out, Nnamdi is innocent and there is no evidence to prosecute him, he should be released unconditionally.

To my beloved Biafrans across the world, sit up , sit tight, brace yourselves for Biafra is here, I can feel the wind of freedom blowing and the sun rising from the east, freedom is inevitable and Biafra is here!!


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