Your own blood brother maybe far but your neighbours would always be there by your side opposite your door all day long.

So be good to all cos you never knew whose oil u gonna lend tomorrow...

There's a race and everybody wanna have an edge but wen you're with the anointing  you will always win if u doubt me go ask Usain Bolt...

In life, everybody wants to have an edge above any other person...

There is a huge power in spoken words.

So you need to mind your words because the word SAY appeared most in any scripture be it the bible, Koran or whatever...

That's why u really need to mind what you say. Always say the truth and don't repeat ur words or try changing your words just to please people. Better keep mute if you're not sure of what ur saying...

Anything you do and you do without thinking that's my own explanation of faith.

When you have faith ur not thinking of what you say you should just act it out...

David's used the power of faith to defeat Goliath...

There's a big difference between Belief and Faith.

Faith is a kind of power that makes everything possible.

Whatever you say and doubt not, you must be crazily believed

Some people are distributors and killers of faith!!!

I don't bloody care if I loose all my Igbo friends who doesn't believe in the future in which their fate can't even feature.

It's gonna be a blunder and astute taboo to back out now that fresh souls have been lost in this struggle.

I rather die and give my unborn children good name/reformed legacy than living like a coward like Nigerian millionaires without reputable reputation...

Politically motivated Bokoharam Islamic group have killed thousands of Nigerians still nothing yet has been done.

Now they disguised themselves as Fulani herdsmen and came to Biafran land Enugu state precisely and butchered your very own still sense ain't working in that brain of yours.

You still want one Nigeria. A country when you don't even know when you will be killed just because you don't belong to the Hausa-Fulani tribe that believed they were born to rule...

May 30, 2016 the people of the eastern part of Nigeria were killed in large numbers by the people that were meant to protect them. Nigerian Soldiers killed over 90 unarmed Igbo youths and they were given secret mass burial inside Onitsha army barracks cemetery on 1st of June 2016 amidst tight security...⚰

On Thursday, 2nd of June 2016 between 10:30am and 11am, the same Nigerian soldiers stormed the Nnewi Teaching Hospital in Anambra state and abducted 8 of deadly shot victims from their hospital bed and took them to unknown destination  till date. Still, on 3rd June 2016, five Igbo youths with severe bullet wounds were transferred by Nigerian soldiers from Onitsha army barracks to the state CID at Awka all with the firm directive of the commander, the JTF dominated by soldiers and led by Major C.O. Ibrahim of the Nigerian Military Police, just because they were agitating for their right and nothing was said or done.

And one unrepentant Igbo woman is busy championing the campaign of bringing back our girls course which was all manipulations from the Northerner leaders to remove Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan out of office.

And all Nigerians didn't see any ill whatsoever in the killings meted on them by Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram.

All those talented souls lost in the east were mere chickens, right?

And nobody even the so-called Oby Ezekwesili had said a word on that and you call that entity a Country...

Henceforth, if you don't believe in our New Nation "Biafra" and you call yourself An Igbo man/woman be you my blood relation don't ever SMS or ring me ever again in your entire life cos I've had enough of your silly conviction for me to drop my right of freedom in which the next generation would ask me

I'm blunt when it comes to the truth if you don't know me go to Biafran land in Anambra State and ask of Late Pa Israel Achusim a.k.a "Izy" my father,(Legend of Truth).

And my brother Late Obum Paul Israel (Hero of our time) garnished with a preacher of the Gospel the most humble and prettiest woman Late (Mrs Sussan Nkechi Israel),who prayed her way to Heaven.

Then you know how upright we humans aught to be, so it runs in the gene(hereditary) and I concur

I can recall my ordeal with them when my brother "Taker" was cut in his prime at the peak of life(33years).

I went through hell in their hands who cares cos they were mighty in that country called Nigeria...

Any country that it's judiciary, the last hope of a common man is also embedded with corruption my dear flee from such country cos anything can happen to your life and no place of value would avert it...

And here you are advising me to retrieve my steps and believe in a country that destroyed my joy in life.

Please and Please, I don't wanna be infected with your Negativity and Doubt!!!

No one can stop a moving train and it's only the truth that can destroy Nigeria...

Last week your own president General Muhamadu Buhari released a convicted Boko haram terrorist while Nnamdi Kanu that has been given bail severally is still suffering in Kuje prison just for me and you to regain our freedom.

Nnamdi Kanu has been offered millions of dollars right there in the prison and they pleaded with him to forget his fight of faith to free his people and yet he prefer to die than to betray his people, Omg what a man!!!

Integrity at it's peak and you say Igbo people love money more than life itself.

Is Nnamdi Kanu semi Igbo? Answer needed but left unattended/unanswered...

Ignorant is not an excuse know the truth and the truth shall set you free...

My heart bleeds...❣

By Timothy Uzochukwu

Editor/Publisher : Uchechi Collins

Reporting for IPOB writers


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