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The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has recorded another landslide victory as the ever sophisticated Legal team has successfully secured the release of the activists who were arrested by Nigerian security agents at Ogbete Main Market, in Enugu state on September 19, 2016.
Not less than 12 activists were on Monday September 19, abducted by officials from the Area Command of Central Police Station (CPS) Enugu.

The activist were reportedly on a sensitisation rally at Ogbete Main Market which was specifically meant to educate the traders on the need to observe the "SIT-AT-HOME" protest scheduled by IPOB to hold on September 23, in solidarity with the incarcerated IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, before they were conspiratorially betrayed by the leadership of the Market Union, led by Mr. Temple Ude and his Secretary Mr. Philip Ikeji, who lured them into their office and handed them over to their thugs and inhuman security officials.
Eye-witness reports obtained at Ogbete market had revealed that the activists were devoured with merciless beating and severely tortured during the course of their abduction by the thugs and security officials, to the viewing pleasure of Mr. Temple Ude and his cohort Philip Ikeji.

Meanwhile, Family Writers, who also had one of the renowned Journalists and Intelligence Officers assigned to cover the proceedings of the rally, as among the 12 activists arrested; have relentlessly followed up the case ever since, together with other Biafran media  warriors.

However, it was a huge relieve yesterday as the powerful Legal team of IPOB announced the release of the activists pending court appearance. A Family Writers journalist on ground, Mazi Commrade Chukwu Ogbu quickly conducted a snappy interview with the victims of the outburst of tyranny which has become a trade mark and tradition of the Nigerian government led by an unrepentant former Military Dictator, President Muhammadu Buhari.

The activists in the live videoed interview with Family Writers which will soon be televised on Biafra Television Channels, gave a first-hand account of the heart-rending circumstances that surrounded their arrest and detention; even as the Cordinator of IPOB in Ogbete market raised alarm over the threat by the Market Chairman Mr. Temple Ude to get rid of him as well as other IPOB officials and members.

The first speaker and spokesperson of IPOB Ogbete who identified himself as Stephen Mmaduaburochukwu Ogbuonu has this to say

"My names are Stephen Mmaduaburochukwu Ogbuonu, I am from Nkelefi in Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu state. I am a trader in Ogbete Main Market. What prompted my arrest together with other IPOB members in Ogbete Main Market on September 19, 2016, was because we embarked on a rally and sensitisation program, meant to enlighten the traders in Ogbete market, for them to observe the prayer and fasting for the immediate release of our able Director, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and for other IPOB members arrested, and also for the freedom of Biafra. This was what we were doing in Ogbete market. We started our movement around 10:30am, then at about 11:00am, we went from the place that we kicked off and entered Ogbete market. At Elu, Express Line, to be precise, we met the security Chairman of the market, who took us from the Express Line to Omatta office. Omatta office is the office of the Chairman and the hall of Ogbete market in general.  We never knew that they had already planned evil against us. When we started the rally, we went straight to the security man at the Omatta office in Ogbete who was very fierce with us, shouting at us and telling us that we didn't inform him about our movement, in spite of the fact that before then, we had already told him that we met with Temple Ude, who is the Chairman of the market. We told the Chairman on Friday last week that we are going to embark on a sensitisation rally to educate our people in the market for them to observe the sit-at-home, as well as prayer and fasting for the immediate release of our amiable Director, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other IPOB members illegally held in custody; but he(the security man) was very fierce with us.

While he was abusing us, the Chairman Ogbete market entered the hall and told us that he did not order us to do anything and that he did not tell us anything. He said that we are there to castigate him and bring trouble; that he is going to show us trouble. He accused us that we put his name and phone number online, and people have been calling him to shut down Ogbete.  He threatened to kill our Coordinator and he threatened to enter (infiltrate) IPOB and kill us all. In saying this, he said that he is going to show us now that he has power more than us. Then he ordered the security men of the Omatta to lock the door against us.

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