Yoruba elders fumes at President Muhammau Buhari's administration, says they made a great mistake by not  queueing behind Jonathan who has good plans for Nigeria.

The leaders are particularly angry with Buhari over his lop-sided appointments into key positions, which they feel was a big blow to the South west region.

They berated the president saying that their region have  not benefited from his administration despite voting massively for  him during the April 2015 presidential polls.

“For the fact that the South-West played a key role in the emergence of Buhari as the President, it is expected that they would occupy a more strategic position than the post of vice president”, said one of the elders.

They argued that the National Assembly leadership election has given the impression that their region is weak politically.

Some of the leaders who also participated in the last National Conference also say the region must re-strategise to assert itself in the politics of the nation.

They argued that the position of Professor Yemi Osinbanjo, the current vice president, who is a South west indigene is not a powerful position.

Chief Ayo Opadokun, a South-West leader, who spoke to the Nigerian Pilot yesterday on the current power imbalance, noted that the Yoruba race made a great mistake by not re-electing former president Goodluck Jonathan, considering what he had in stock for the zone.

He emphasised that the implementation of the National Conference report would elevate the standard of the zone, which is the reason people of the South-West should have queued behind Jonathan.

Also speaking on the issue, image maker of Pro- National Conference, Wale Okunniyi, faulted the emergence of Saraki and Dogara, which he described as a conspiracy against the Yoruba nation by some powerful forces in the APC.

Another prominent South-West leader and lawyer, Asiwaju Bisi Adegbuyi, focused on how the Yoruba race can move forward saying, the region needs self-determination rather than a symbolic representation.

“Yoruba race should know what they want. Yoruba made progress when Chief Obafemi Awolowo led us”, he said.



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  1. Buhari's reign is an epiphany to Nigerians

  2. What did you expect from sycophants,cowards, criminals and looters, we know quite well the last of resort PDP is cheap western controlled media propagander with your religious tribal and political bigots, Buhari and the APC is disturbed by your antics till 2023

  3. Continue to deceive yourself with this jejune post from warped minds!

  4. ejirocfa.eo@gmail8 August 2016 at 08:30

    Too late to cry when the head is off

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  6. Good for you people, you we're selfish, greedy and ungrateful.
    This is just the begining.
    So you people should live with it.

    I hope you people have learnt your lessons.

  7. Its just the begining of Yoruba downward slide into irrelevance, caused by their penchant as second fiddle and betrayal habit. Politically, they betrayed the Southeast, then the Midwest and now the Southsouth. These Southern regions will rather back the North rather than the Southwest in future, as they were treacherously treated by the Yorubas when it mattered most. So sad that the Yorubas, with all their so-called education are the Achelles heel of the South. Shame!


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