Painful laughter

Painful laughter comes like a lightning
Striking the happy face to moody mind

A domain where there is;
Land, but nowhere to farm on
Houses, but no road to entering
Water, but no one can drink it

Behind every laughter
The Heart is hurting
Behind every laughter
Things are falling apart
Behind every laughter
Tears roll down the cheeks
He who laughs last laughs best

The selfishness of mankind
The betrayal of mankind
The black sheep, the mean man
Armed to the teeth
Ready to devour
Ready to crush the innocent
Ready to wipe out the people

Judgment is coming...

Be ready to be clothed in the dark
Be ready to sit on shameful chair
Be ready for the painful season,
To reap the cursed fruit you sowed
From the mother tree of nature

Painful laughter!
Painful laughter!
What is the point?
What is the reason?
You should be grateful
To the hero night song

The voices,
Hovering in the wind
Strong and steady
Singing choruses

Today in prison
Prison for what?
Prison for justice

Justice for what?
Justice for freedom

Freedom for who?
Freedom for the people

The People for what?
The People to be free

Free from what?
Free from bondage

Bondage from where?
Bondage from darkness

From Darkness to where?
From Darkness to light
Light of the rising sun!
Biafra..the land of the rising sun


Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia
Edited by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers


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