Monday 29 August, 2016

Biafra writers after much investigation on the attempted assassination of Nnamdi Kanu, have gotten details about the brain behind today's riot in Kuje prison. It was gathered that one Mr. Adamu Kujeyin (PIP), the head of the armed squad was hired by the president of the Islamic republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari to carry out his demonic agenda, to silence the only mouthpiece of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

During our fact finding mission on the "modus operandi" of  Kuje prison officials, it was gathered that one of the policy of the prison is a "NO WEAPON ALLOWED" lien instituted by the administrators of the prison, except there is a riot. But apparently there was no riot as at the time Mr. Adamu Kujeyin sauntered into the prison vicinity.  Adamu's rank in Kuje prison is 'PIP' an acronym which stands for principal inspector of prison.

Adamu Kujeyin (middle) wielding a gun in prison alongside his gang

This man (Adamu) came to instigate the riot that eventually broke out, after teargassing and firing gunshots sporadically for no reason at all directly at Nnamdi Kanu's room. Bullet casing and shell that was fired at his window was recovered, an evidence which proves that it was an assassination attempt on his life.

We want to categoriacally state it clear that there was no "jail break or attempted jail break" but rather an assassination attempt on Nnamdi Kanu. It was learned that this organised assassination was concreted after an emergency meeting scheduled by Buhari in conjunction with Rochas Okorocha, the bastard of the eastern region yesterday.



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