Movement for the Enslavement of Niger Delta  (MEND) which has succeeded in enslaving the people of Niger Delta the more, recently extended their Enslavement Network to include ALL Biafrans but failed on arrival. The group led by Henry Okah originally moved to end the sufferings of Biafrans in the Niger Delta part of Biafraland.

They ventured to emancipate that part of Biafra from where the whole of Nigeria feeds. But along the line, in the long run, they deviated and metamorphosed into an Enslavement Movement short-changing their people's freedom for the freedom of Henry Okah.

When MEND accepted amnesty, obviously because of the freedom of their leader, Henry Okah, and because of hunger-strike, it appeared to all and sundry that they were not a determined set of fighters hence were not qualified to champion the Movement.

Since then that wrong move has not only chased hope of freedom away from their people but it has also enslaved their people the more.

Who Is A Slave?

A slave is one who works diligently and tirelessly for his master but gets punishments in return.

He works in unbearable atmospheres yet he does not have any choice than to continue until he dies.

He does not do the work in good faith and is treated like  an ox that treads the corn but whose mouth is muzzled.

He does not have the right to enjoy his Labour and is forced to live by the standards his master chooses yet he is the one that designs best and comfortable standards for his master.

What a helpless state!

Unfortunately, this is the state Niger Deltans have found themselves!

But this slavery state was what propelled MEND into armed struggle to free their people but rather MEND ended up enslaving them the more to such extent that their people now wish such struggle were never birthed in the first place because poor masses are now poorer whereas the elites amongst them and the so-called freedom fighters have become upgraded slaves who can at least afford three square meal a day at the expense of their people.

What a shame!

Having succeeded in enslaving the Niger Delta, MEND ventured into enslaving the whole of Biafran nation so as to secure the freedom of the same man, Henry Okah, who made them jettison their struggle. But Thanks to Chukwu-Okike Abiama for Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB who are more determined than Henry Okah and MEND.

Why MEND Failed To Achieve Emancipation And Why They Failed To Achieve Total Enslavement Of Biafran People

The reason why MEND with their leader failed in their emancipation bid was because they lacked the qualities of True Freedom Fighters.

A True Freedom Fighter is like a soldier who does not fear death while defending his country.

He chooses death than life as far as his purpose is accomplished.

He is like a bomber who cares less whether he dies as far as his aim is achieved. He is like a lion that is fearless before its enemies' camps.

He is resilient, dogged, unyielding, determined and committed to his pursuit of freedom.

He does not compromise his struggle with bribes neither does he exchange his agitation with momentary self-freedom.

He prefers paying the price for freedom now and play later than playing now and paying later.

He prefers being in detention as long as necessary, as far as he gets freedom for his people.

But all those qualities were lacking in MEND and Henry Okah hence they failed their Emancipation Project.

But on the other hand, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB following the footsteps of a True Freedom Fighter like Nelson Mandela of South Africa girded their waist with integrity, uncompromising stand and such other qualities aforementioned, hence they were able to give an immediate death sentence and burial to that obvious Enslavement Agenda of MEND when they wanted Nnamdi Kanu to renounce Biafra. And with such great qualities of True Freedom Fighters which Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB have portrayed, no doubt, Biafra shall be restored under their watch.

To them, it is either "Biafra" or "Death".

by Ogu Edozie Williams

For IPOB writers


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