Former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan said that Nigeria will be forgotten by the world forever if it breaks up. I am indeed surprised because this is a man who despite his very kind heart, good listening ear, academic and intellectual contributions to the development of this contraption called Nigeria was never acknowledged by the dictator called Buhari. Ex-President Jonathan was stylishly frustrated from office by this evil man Buhari using the Boko Haram insurgency and the myth called CHIBOK GIRLS plus many other blackmails packaged by the evil British and American governments to enable the removal of the Jonathan who could at least show feelings for the masses. Buhari vowed to frustrate Jonathan's government and he did.

You can now see how President Jonathan was and is still better than Buhari. Jonathan listens to the people, he tries to respond to the yearnings of the people he is leading. in fact, he has a human heart but the monster pushed him out.

Jonathan's supporters in the North and West especially the Southerners living in those places were never allowed to come out to vote during the last presidential elections because they were afraid they would be killed and of course they would have been killed if they did come to the voting units. That is how Jonathan lost the elections to avoid the death of innocent people and yet called Buhari to congratulate him so that peace could reign. Buhari, a monster has come in now, count how many innocent lives that have been lost, see the degree of suffering in the land, see the number of people calling for the release of an innocent man Nnamdi Kanu that he has kept in detention since October last year because he is evil and has come to accomplish the evil agenda of Islamization. To Buhari it does not matter that the whole Biafrans die, it does not matter that the whole Christians die what is important is to hold on to the Government that he doesn't know how to manage, what is important is to see that all Christians become Muslims, a dream that is indeed a mirage.

I am a bit surprised that Jonathan could still think about Nigeria after all that these vampires did to him. Dear GEJ, why should you talk about Nigeria's unity, has Buhari ended Boko Haram insurgency in 3 months? Has he brought back the CHIBOK Girls?  Anyway, I do not blame  Jonathan because he has always been a good man and a patriotic elder but I want to advise him to please steer clear of this evil man called Buhari so that he will find time to collect all that he forgot in the government house in 1985.

I also want to let us know that there is no problem if the name Nigeria is forgotten, it is indeed a good thing to forget because it never existed except for the British fraudulent amalgamation of 1914. Forgetting the name Nigeria will bring to an end the marginalisation of Biafrans, it will unlock the door of intellectual developments in the sense that thousands of innovative Biafrans will be encouraged to explore their potentials to the fullest and we can then talk about "made in Biafra" products. Keeping Nigeria together means continued marginalisation, criminality, corruption, military and police intimidation.

These people are so foolish that I find it difficult to understand how someone would classify the other as "an infidel", yet he will want to take what belongs to that person. They say they don't want the western education but cannot stop carrying IEDS, AK 47 and many other weapons that are products of Western education.

At this juncture, I would say dear Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, let Nigeria break up and let the indigenous nations reverse back to their original  geographical locations (BIAFRA, ODUDUWA AND AREWA) to end the huge problem regardless of whether the name "Nigeria" will be forgotten forever or not.

Written by C.k. Adams

Edited & Published by P. U. Collins

For  IPOB writers


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  1. Selfish leaders. So ex-president Jonathan wants Biafra to continue to suffer and die in this evil contraption called Nigeria because he wants Nigeria to remain a big country - big for nothing. In fact, Nigeria is a disgrace to Africa and global community. This is unbelievable. I can’t imagine how these politicians can be so myopic and selfish. You were president for 6 years and yet, you couldn't do any thing for your people and land. Today Niger Delta/Ijaw land is ravaged, a war zone and under siege by Hausa/Fulani jihadists who controls your oil and kill you as well. What a shame!


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