(sharp dagger in nimbo enugu state)

Sharp dagger appears like

a dreaded arrow

Pierce through the pole

Of a healthy body

and thrust it beyond repair

A killer's hand

Penetrated in the shadow

gripped the dagger,

Struck down the helpless victim

I am the victim

Slaughtered like a cow

Flow of blood everywhere

In the street and at home

In the place of worship and in the farmland

I am concerned for the future

Blood keep on flowing

Man is no longer man

Man has become a vulture

A beast in human form

A vampire in disguise

l have been killed by the wild beast

Pierced by cruel sharp dagger

Now trapped in his cage of death

My neck peeled off, was a gift for agony

Yes,  l had no saviour,

What l saw, was a masked man in uniform

I was not saved

In my own land

Where l hid against the sharp dagger

Yet, trapped by the arrow

Very early in the morning

When he appeared like a mad dog

Thirsty for my blood.

Sharp dagger! Sharp dagger!

You are my mortal enemy

But why were you ever on my land?

Why can't you let be of my land?

And let it be forever...!

Written by; Onyebuchi Eucharia

Published by: Uchechi collins

For IPOB Writers



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