Nigeria's First Lady Aisha Buhari last week released photos of her trip to the United States where she claimed to have met Mitchelle Obama wife of the U.S president, Aisha claimed to have made the trip after rising critics alleging that she is scared of visiting the U.S for fears of arrest linking her to the infamous Halliburton scandal.

Last Spring, news about her fake passport flooded the internet which clearly implicates her false age and forged passport which she publicly denied, weeks later a Nigerian U.S based woman with the same name,pop up and claimed ownership of the passport.

Meanwhile, Aisha Buhari has been under pressure from notable Nigerians asking her to prove her innocence in the Halliburton scandal by travelling to the United States which seemed to be her biggest nightmare with fears of her being arrested by the U.S government in connection to the $182 million Halliburton bribery scandal

Recently photos of her U.S trip flooded the internet and Nigerians are doubting if she really made the trip, some interested Nigerians took it personally and decided to investigate the claimed trip, proving that the trip was indeed a hoax, the photos of Aisha posing wth Mitchelle Obama was allegedly a photoshopped photo of an "Indian Diwali celebration hosted by Mitchelle Obama in the Whitehouse in 2013".

See photos below and compare for yourself.

[gallery ids="6478,6479,6480,6481,6482,6483,6484,6485,6486" type="rectangular"]

If this is really true then it is a disgrace to Buhari's family and to Nigerians, that their first lady Aisha Buhari is involved in a shameful and disgraceful hoax trying to deceive Nigerians in a bid to avoid arrest.

Busted!! Obviously busted! The question now is, who is fooling who?

By P. U. Collins
For IPOB writers


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  1. Shameless and useless people. What shame to Islamic Nigeria and their co-conspirators.


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