News reaching our news desk today 27.08.2016  have it that the president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari has officially ordered a full and total armed invasion of Biafraland, unleashing the entire armed forces of Nigeria , including the Army, Navy, police and other armed forces using virtually every weapon in their arsenal.

There are  ongoing air, land, and sea assault, with mass bombardment and ground assault right now in the riverine area of Biafraland.  There are also report that Asari Dokubo and Tompolo has been declared wanted dead or alive by the Nigerian military and rumors have it that Asari Dokubo may have been killed in the assault, this report is still unconfirmed as at the time of this post

This new development came after the US secretary of state John Kerry visited the Northern part of Nigeria and took part in an undisclosed meeting with Buhari and the northern leaders, his visit has drawn criticism from angry Christians over his unadulterated speech that the northern Islamic fellow has displayed good tolerance towards religion.

Could Kerry have advised Buhari to carry out these assaults?

Does he and Obama want to start an armed conflict in Biafraland just like they did in Syria? Or is Mr. Buhari acting on his own decision?

These are questions that demand clear and immediate answers

Let the world be notified that Biafraland is under attack on the order of Muhammadu Buhari the dictator in Aso Rock and whatever that arises from that as a result of these assaults, the man Buhari should be held responsible and his evil partners will be held responsible.

More update coming soon...


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