It was a great moment after i have made some credible research at Every Newspapers stand, round the Major cities in Biafra land.

The well known Biafra Newspapers Is now the number one and most interesting newspapers in Biafra land. Some of the vendors i talked with confirmed that the Biafra Newspapers is the top selling

In igweocha i spoke with one Mrs Joyce who is a newspapers vendor, she told me that the Newspapers are the best and all the customers prefer reading and buying them than Nigeria newspapers.

She said everything in there is truth and real. Since i started selling it, i have made more profit now than before.

I also spoke with the some of the buyers, one of them told me that he no longer read any Nigeria newspapers because they are filled with lies and fake.

Radio Biafra, all Biafra Medias and Newspapers opened our eyes and now we know the truth.

Everyone Is listening to Radio Biafra and buying the newspapers.

He also advised Biafrans to Keep being updated with Biafra Newspapers and listen to Radio Biafra. After all day, the vendors and the buyers ranked Biafra Newspapers no 1. God bless the land of the rising Sun.

Written by Isaac Moses

Edited & Published by P. U. Collins

Reporting For IPOB writers


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