Two traditional rulers from Ugwuleshi in Awgu local government area of Enugu state, HRH Paulinus Ikpo of Onoli Awgu and Alo Okeke of Umuhu village spent 38 hours in the police cell over slain cows.

Residents of the community were accused of killing four cows belonging to Adamu, a Fulani herdsman, whose cattle grazed in the area. The Area Command in Oji River and the police along with the cattle breeder insisted on the payment of N400, 000 as ransom.

On the day the people were mandated to make the payment, the traditional rulers,  Paulinus Ikpo of Onoli Awgu and Alo Okeke of Umuhu village went with N200, 000 as they were not able to raise the complete ransom. The area commander insisted that the complete sum must be paid and detained them in the cell.

When their subjects got wind of the information that their traditional rulers were in the police cell, they ran around to borrow to make up the money before the traditional rulers were released.

Security operatives have long been unfair in handling issues relating to Fulani herdsmen. Our sources revealed that more than 10 acres of farmland were completely ravaged by cattle belonging to the herdsmen and when the matter was taken to the same police station, the owner of the cattle only agreed to pay N70,000 even when the destruction was valued over N2 million. And the police eventually allowed him to get away without paying anything.

Residents no longer go to the farm for fear of attacks from these herdsmen knowing that the security operatives and the federal government will take sides with the Fulani herdsmen irrespective of  the situation.

Muhammadu Buhari has commissioned a special military squad to protect cows belonging to Fulani herdsmen while asking farmers to pay for security from herdsmen if they need one. In the same light, Fulani herdsmen have flooded Aba in Abia state, with a grand plan of unleashing mayhem on innocent citizens at an unexpected time. Abia state citizens and residents are therefore warned to be vigilant.

Written by Ken Pat

Published by P.U. Collins

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