Underwater gas pipeline

ExxonMobile Export Pipeline underwater gas pipe



The group posted on their website saying "At about 7:30pm the Niger Delta Avengers blow up ExxonMobile Qua Iboe 48" crude oil export pipeline. When will these International Oil companies (IOC) learn to listen. We (Niger Delta Avengers) said no export.
Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo

Signed by the group's spoke person they warned oil companies not to export any crude or repair destroyed pipelines warning that this will result in more destruction and maybe lives.

The Freedom fighters have promised to liberate the Ijaw people and crumble the Nigerian economy tagged "Operation Red economy" if the Nigeria Government fail to listen to them and meet their demands, which one of it is the immediate release of the leader of the  Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB)  Dr. Nnamdi Kanu and other political prisoners held across the country.

Since the group's activities began earlier this year a lot of pipelines and oil facilities have gone up in flames sending the Nigerian crude oil production down from 2 million barrels per day to 1 million about 50 percent down in production and export.

President Mohamad Buhari had ealier vowed to crush the group but later withdrew his military from the region, reports have it now that he has alledgely employed the services of the Saudi Arabian mecenaries called " The Black water" to come and tackle the Niger Delta Avengers, The NDA responded to this reports via their website saying "we are waiting for them, it does not matter who they are, black water, blue, green or purple water, let them come, we are waiting for them."

By Uchechi Collins

Reporting for IPOB writers


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