Military Bombardment in Lagos as the Nigerian Army carry out another round of genocide

Nigeria government has again carried out another phase of genocide as they bombarded Lagos communities in their search for the Niger Delta Avengers.

A resident of the affected community who confided in family writers said that the military attacked Fatola, in search of the Niger Delta Avengers(NDA), adding that houses around the area were bombarded, as over 1800 People were counted Dead. The source further

disclosed that Nigerian Air Force were using fighter jets throwing napal bombs and shelling the whole area.

In an effort to make sure that the Nigeria soldiers dealt bitterly with Niger Delta Avengers(NDA), they gunned down hundreds of fleeing residence who were not members of the propose Militant Group. Another resident simply identify as Olawale said people in the

area had already deserted their homes due to the bombardment. From the ongoing investigations conducted by Family Writers investigator, it was revealed that the code name of the OPERATION, is OPERATION AWATSE, initiated by the Nigeria defence headquarters to dominate the area with a view to flushing out all manners of criminals.

By Comrade Chukwu Ogbu
For Family Writers


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