Unconfirmed reports going around that the battle for the supremacy between the Saudi Arabia Black water and the Niger Delta Avengers might have ended with the ND Avengers defeating the dreaded Saudi Mercenaries.

A few days ago, about 91 Saudi Arabia’s Blackwater military contractors, beckoned on by Mr. Buhari, to help the Nigerian Army fight the Niger Delta militants, were wiped out by the militia groups from the Niger Delta with 15 others taken as hostages. In a reprisal attack, the Nigerian Army, Air Force and Navy, bombarded Yorubaland instead and killed 114 Yoruba Youth stationed around the Lagos-Ogun axis of the Yoruba waterways

This attempt on the noble Yoruba Youth will escalate an already volatile situation and serves as an impetus for more serious attacks across Yorubaland.



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  1. Dr. Felix Chima Ugwoonali, Ph.D.10 August 2016 at 21:01

    The best thing for Nigeria now is for the country to be made a true republic or let the three parts: Igbo, Yoruba and Arewa go their separate ways,


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