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Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family writers can authoritatively report that Muhammadu Buhari is putting the Nigerian military in place to counter Niger Delta militants. A high ranking serving Government official who disclosed this on condition of anonymity to Ifeanyi Chijioke noted that the military buildup is the last on the table as every effort to buy the militants with money and promises failed. The report said that the Nigerian President is very angry with the militants who have not only destroyed his administration but disgraced him as he keeps begging every day. The President is considering a Military action instead of shy away; he has tested the resolve of the militants and has found out that they are deeply rooted in the ideology of Nnamdi Kanu.

Recall that international communities and allies have advised Muhammadu Buhari against military action which was predicted to end in disaster. Both U.S and Britain have voiced their support for a dialogue instead of military action. The militants have shunned dialogue but initially made a demand which was written to the presidency. The militants have also called Radio Biafra live program and reaffirmed only Nnamdi Kau will make or command them to stop hostility in that part of Biafra. The warning that the president should not come to across the Niger part of Biafra even came through radio Biafra.

The militants have categorically stated that they are not fighting for resource control or for any sort of financial benefit. “These boys are freedom fighters, they are demanding the release of Nnamdi Kanu just as peaceful IPOB is lawfully protesting for the release of the same Kanu” an analyst once said. Speaking on the activities of the group, international security expert warned “NDA could be the armed wing of Biafra agitators, this might be a coincidence but it is a positive one for IPOB. For the militants to demand Kanu’s release and talk on radio Biafra, they are trying to affiliate. Buhari must listen to IPOB this time around or face a ruthless action that would destroy Nigeria.

If Nnamdi Kanu is released in line with militants demand, this agitation may go on peacefully because Kanu is civilized and wants to go about this restoration in a civilized way” he said President Buhari during his median media chat in late December made it clear that he would not release Nnamdi Kanu. He noted that he would jump bail because he is a flight risk; he accused him of committing atrocities and having two passports. “Releasing him is what the government is contemplating but there are forces advising him otherwise. They are already supporting a military action that would be fierce instead of release Nnamdi Kanu” the report said.

“Buhari called for dialogue on the pages of newspaper but never serious to dialogue with the militants, he is frustrating every sincere move made for the dialogue to be successful.

He was approached severally that dialogue will only be anchored on Nnamdi Kanu’s release but he would always say ‘let me think about it’. He does make consultations and that will be the end of it, nobody knows his conspirators but they are not far from some governors from the North” the report said The call for dialogue on those pages of newspapers was to clear his part and tell the world that he has done what they said but what they said is not working. Hence he has even pleaded and yet the freedom fighters across the Niger refused.

He wants to make a case but the reality remains that he cannot rightly gain any sympathy “Nigeria has ‘damaged’ image before the international communities, the militants are supported because Nigeria is corrupt and not getting anything right. His military action will only expose everything to danger” the report firmly noted Meanwhile, Niger Delta Avengers has denied any form of the ceasefire while other groups of insignificant militants seem to have agreed to the carrot and stick approach. There has been a moment of calm across the Niger as the daily boom seems to have temporarily ceased. There is a move on ground to infiltrate the creek but every effort seems to have failed. Buhari seems to be confused at this juncture and sees military action as option.

The Niger Delta Avengers had earlier warned that no reconstruction should take place on any of the bombed facilities and which is likely the reason the boom ceased on daily basis. Buhari has started reconstruction against the order of the militants which would likely backfire. A report had it from a source close to Niger Delta Avengers that the reason for demanding no reconstruction was for Buhari to contemplate and choose if to end the hostility by releasing Kanu or continue the hostility.

“Buhari is a military man and he would always believe in military actions, nobody knows what is driving him. He is planning to abandon Boko Haram and face Niger Delta; it depends on how Niger Delta Avengers respond to the action. The missile threatened to be released proved decisive to this development, had the missile been released, Buhari will lie low. This point, he believes that military action can do something positive” the report explained “The ability of Niger Delta Avengers to win in this battle will be the end of the road for Buhari, the people advising Buhari to use military action against what Britain and USA advised are ignorant of risk management.

It cannot firmly be confirmed if the militants have missile but unleashing everything they have could put Nigeria in deep mess” it said. There is an unconfirmed report as it came from unreliable source that NDA has gone in for reinforcement and recruitment. It is widely believed that there are countries sponsoring the activities of NDA and they have been instructed not to take away lives but target the government alone.

The recruitment as reported will likely go fluently as there are more than required Biafran youths looking for the opportunity to fight. Asked IPOB coordinator in Delta state about the recruitment report “we are not aware but Biafra youths are pleading to join Avengers, if any chance is given, everybody will join”

According to the source from the government, the report said that the military action will be anchored on hate. “Buhari cannot face the militants because the creek is deadly for soldiers, he plans to kill innocent Biafrans, even some of us from old Eastern region in his government are not considered human beings or people worthy of making contributions. He sees us as IPOB and sometimes tells us to go and stop our children before coming to contribute or talk to him” NDA had previously said that they are not worried over any military confrontation but only concerned that the military will target innocent people.

There is every conviction that this could result in another civil war if Biafrans in Diaspora choose to sponsor and get involved. IPOB has confirmed that they are the only ally of NDA and that every Biafran youth might team up with the Avengers if need arises. If this is anything to go by, Nigeria is then sliding into another civil war. I have strongly maintained in my columns that this second civil war will start from across the Niger and my prediction will come to fulfilment if the report scales through.



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