Let us negotiate because violence will not help in our bid to separate, Senate Leader, Ali Ndume has cautioned the Indigenous People of Biafra and Niger Delta Avengers.

He said this while responding to questions on the rising agitation in the oil region of Southern Nigeria and the South Eastern Nigeria.

Ndume reminded the aggrieved youths that Nigeria first came into being by acts of negotiation by youths in the northern and southern part of Nigeria and if we can no longer stay as one it must not be pursued by acts of violence but to come together sit down and negotiate and not by force.

He, therefore, said if there should be division in the country, there must be negotiation among the different parts of the country rather than through violence and killings of innocent Nigerians and destruction of public property.

He blamed the elders of the region for not doing enough to advise their children.

IPOB, he said, as a group is only expressing its opinion but warned that it will not be proper for some persons to suppress other people’s view.

Also reacting to the call by the former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, that Nigeria needs to be restructured, Ndume said the ex-Vice President was not wrong but pointed out that he was only expressing his views to which he is entitled.


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