Following a news published by different papers on a 30day ceasefire agreement between the Niger Delta Avengers and the federal government of Nigeria, the group have denied reaching any such agreement with anybody through their twitter handle.

@NDAvengers "The NDA High Command never remember having any agreement on ceasefire with the Nigeria Government"

From all indications, the Nigerian government is desperate for a ceasefire with the freedom fighters as all military efforts to crush them in accordance with Buhari's threat have failed. However, the use of propagandas like the "30day ceasefire" news by the Nigerian government eludes everyone's understanding.

The news as reported by Thisday is that the 30day ceasefire agreement was to give Muhammad Buhari time to think out a plan for the oil-rich region. A deceit the Avengers have refused to fall to. Whatever it is the Nigeria government is up to with these lies, the Avengers are well up to the task.

Written by Ken Pat
Published by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers


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  1. The greatest mistake the NDA will make is to enter into any cease fire agreement with the animal kingdom called Nigeria. All Buhari wants is to continue to use the Niger Delta oil to enrich his fellow Northern muslims and finance his sharia agenda. The NDA must not be fooled. by those whose goal is to exploit the region for their own gain.


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