KFC marijuana

KFC was approved on May 15, 2015 for their Marijuana Retail Recreational Pot / Medical Marijuana Occupational Business License.

Franchises in Canada have added this “option” to their menu. In order to be successful, a deep understanding of the market is critical to success, It’s all about evolution and we are ready to serve the needs of the people of Canada. Only adults can buy marijuana with a picture ID.


Canadians are only allowed to purchase 2 grams at one time, while people who are not citizens of Canada are limited on their purchase only be allowed to buy a quarter at a time In addition to selling the “leafy green” they also have some yummy edibles available. They are offering Smashed Potatoes, Macaroni Munchies and Bong Time Biscuits – all made with their savory marijuana butter (sold in small amounts).

KFC is hoping to get all 100 franchisees on board with the new product by March 2016. #KushForCure

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  1. That Canadians can legally buy two grams of marijuana at a time is news to me.


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