Igbo Group Set For Revolution Against Selfish Igbo Leaders For Betraying The Ndigbos

The group in a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Paschal Egoigbo, its South-West coordinator, Remigus Nwabugo and the National Secretary, Onuoha Mariaceline said it is embarking on the activism for the sake of justice and equity knows as For the sake of justice and integrity to Igbo people.

The statement reads:

We wish to inform the general public of our determination to embark on a total revolutionary activism in the next couple of days against the selfish Igbo leaders who have betrayed Ndi Igbo in various ways. We will spare no one discovered to be involved in the conspiracy against Igbos in Nigeria particulary since the inception of this republic.

We will remain resolute in this decision, since this is part of our attempt to cleanse, liberate and reposition Igbo land in this generation. For we will remain a wasted generation if we did not understand the intricacies of Nigeria politics and inardvently leave no legacy for our upcoming generation.

Furthermore, we wish to express in dismay our profound displeasure on the public display of disunity among our political leaders, particularly the South Eastern Governors, who are playing a game of peekaboo with the fate of the Igbo Masses. In a recent situation where a colloquium on Igbo future was organized in Enugu but was not properly represented by some Igbo leaders and the some South East governors. Time has come for Ndi Igbo to separate politics from personal interest when dealing with the Igbo cause.

I am filled with profound shame and disgrace at the level of laxity and indifference the so called Igbo leaders and Ohanezes treat issues concerning the agitation of Biafra . Our purported leaders who we rely on to represent our interest have sold our birthright just to fill their coffers with gold and over feed like the Biblical cow of Bashan . it is not yet over, Njem Igbo Movement is here to continue the good fight.

Paschal Egoigbo National Coordinator Njem Igbo Movement
Remigus Nwabugo South West Coordinator
Onuoha Mariaceline National Secretary



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