Tel aviv shooting

Four people have been killed and eleven others injured after a shooting at a popular entertainment district in central Tel Aviv.

Two suspects were taken into custody on Wednesday night, Israel Police Spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said in a statement, with officials calling the violence an act of terrorism.

Gunshots rang out around 9pm local time near the Benedict Restaurant in the Sarona Market. Victims of the shooting were rushed to the nearby Ichilov Hospital where four were pronounced dead, Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

Few details have emerged in the incident, however, police said that one shooting suspect had been shot and hospitalized while another was subdued at the scene. The market was quickly evacuated and determined secure after police searched the area for explosives.

Israeli media cited witnesses who said the attackers were dressed in white shirts, ties, jackets and black pants with some outlets reporting they were dressed as Orthodox Jews. These reports were discounted by Israel police spokesperson Luba Samri, The Washington Post reports.

The office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he held a security meeting immediately after the shooting. He also addressed the media himself shortly thereafter.

"This is savage crime, murder, terrorism in the heart of Tel Aviv," PM Netanyahu told reporters. "It’s done by criminal terrorists who don’t value human life."

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai also condemned the shootings shortly after the attacks took place.

"It is an awful night for Tel Aviv. Terrorists shot innocent civilians in a cafe with no distinction,” Mayor Huldai wrote on Twitter.

"We will continue to live in this city of Tel Aviv. We will continue to build, create and enjoy the city. Terror will not defeat us.”


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