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The Height of Corruption surrounding the president From Forging WAEC Certificate to Forging International Passport.

With the case of forged certificate in court, a new story with shreds of evidence implicating the wife of the President, Aishat Buhari in the Halliburton scandal has met a new twist as the controversy surrounding the identity of the woman who was indicted in the Halliburton Scandal by United States authorities has increased.

A passport has been released by the concerned Nigerian authorities, indicating that the Aishat Buhari involved in the scandal is not the wife of the president. However, the Nigerian standard international passport, issued at the Nigerian Embassy, Washington DC, USA on 19 January 2012, set to expire on 18 January 2017 contains curious details that may lead an average individual to believe the woman is either President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife or daughter.

The Standard Nigerian International Passport gave the woman’s date of birth as, 4 August 1975 with the place of birth being Daura, Katsina State, which is Buhari’s hometown. Interesting, her surname in the passport read, Buhari. But the first and second names were given as Aisha and Mohammadu.

A highly placed official of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) in Abuja, who does not want his name mentioned pointed out that the passport is either a fake one and if genuine would have been issued by corrupt Nigerian Embassy officials in Washington.

“There is no way any NIS staff would have approved that kind of details for a Nigerian passport. Those who processed the application should have known immediately that the lady was trying to impersonate a member of Buhari’s family. Look at the second name, Mohammadu. That is an Islamic name that a woman can never bear. Once she now wrote Daura as the place of birth, whoever approved the document should have been suspicious,” the source explained.

What baffles everyone is how a woman that nobody knows turns out to be involved in a matter that implicates Obasanjo, Atiku, Atiku's wife, a US senator(Jefferson), etc. It also important to note that the wife of the President, Aishat Buhari have refused to visit the united states since Buhari became president, Toyin Saraki, the wife of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, had to represent her at the meeting of Organisation of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA) at the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, New York City. It makes one think she's deliberately avoiding the USA, and that brings us to the question; why?

We will agree to this deceit and forgery they are trying to feed us if;

1. We see this Aishat Buhari in the passport in person.
2.The signatures in the Halliburton transaction are published and cross-matched with the signatures of the accused persons like the wife of the President, Aishat Buhari.
3. The wife of the President is sent on a visit to the USA. And if need be, let her be taken to the jailed US lawmaker involved in the scandal for identification.
I bet they can not do these. Please, what is the jail term for forgery again?

Written by Ken Pat
Published by Uchechi Collins

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