A new militant group "Red Scorpions" has emerged in the south-eastern part of Nigeria barely one week after Imo State legislators condemned the exclusion of Imo state from the Federal Government proposed dialogue with oil-producing states in the Niger Delta region

The new group, "Red Scorpions" had claimed responsibility blowing up of two pipelines belonging to Shell in the Asa/Awarra axis of Ohaji Egbema Area, has also threatened to attack major oil pipelines in Oguta Council Area and ultimately shut down all oil wells in the state.

The group claimed it had what it takes to carry out the threat, warning that until the oil producing areas in the state are giving what rightfully belongs to them, the area will no longer be peaceful for oil companies to operate.
An ex-militants from the area confirmed the existence of the group but quickly added that he was not involved in the renewed militancy.

This admission comes as the militant group had threatened to blow up the Shell Pipelines in Oguta.
The group posted on their Facebook timeline yesterday warning that their threat to carry out more attacks on oil and gas facilities should not be taken lightly as they have the capability carry out more.

The warning also said that not until oil producing areas in the state are given their own due, peace will henceforth continue to elude oil companies operating in the state.
Confirming the existence of the group ''The Red Scorpions'', one of the ex-militants who does not want his name in print said that they were not part of the renewed militancy adding that people are angry and blowing up pipelines is no longer news.


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