Putin may be the one person Obama has absolutely no influence over. With Obama unable to use his Chicago thug-like political tactics on Putin, could this finally be the end of Hillary Clinton’s career in politics?

Hillary Clinton sits at the center of a raging firestorm concerning her arrangement of a private email account and server set up in her home — from which top secret information may have been deleted.

But despite Bernie Sanders’ apparent annoyance with the “damn emails,” the scandal just exponentially intensified, when Judge Andrew Napolitano revealed on Monday that Russia has possession of around 20,000 of Clinton’s emails — leaving open the possibility her deletions might not have been permanent after all.

Wow could we finally see the possibility of Hillary finally being destroyed, by an attack of truth from president Putin of Russia?

If Hillary’s campaign were to finally be ended by a release of emails by Putin, would we as Americans have to label the Russian president as an American hero? One thing if Putin’s release of Hillary emails were to put her into cuffs, one thing would be for sure is that Putin just saved America from a Hildabeast presidency. Putin should probably worry about a hit on his head now by the Obama administration through the CIA.

For if Putin ends up being dead for some odd reason, well we would know who would be behind it. For the president of Russia has 20,000 documents that could end Hillary’s political career, and could end up saving all of America from her rule.

NBC News


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