Only those who are spiritually blind cannot see that the Hand of God is on Biafra restoration. Only the deaf cannot hear the waves as the Land that flows with milk and honey approaches redemption, never to be subdued again. The Land of the rising sun is rising again. We were never defeated because God's children can never be defeated. We are a chosen race and a special breed.

The world powers rose up in alliance to silence us, but they were disappointed because we are indestructible and indomitable. Today, we have outnumbered those who engineered our extermination- both academically, economically, numerically and otherwise. The miracle is not our own making, it is divinely oriented.

Like seeds, Biafrans has germinated across the ends of the earth, we are blessed with a type of versatility and wisdom that enables us to adapt peacefully anywhere we find ourselves. We are not suicide bombers because we believe in the sanctity of human life. We are republicans by nature, even before colonialists came.

Our success stories even in the face of and subjugation and extermination is the envy of our adversaries. How our fathers manufactured their own weapons to save the most brilliant nation in Africa from an impending genocide remains a mystery to the world. How they held a Nigeria backed by world powers hostage for more than three years is still an unfinished story. The colonialists couldn't believe that such a crop of people with so much outstanding talents and bravery could be found in Africa.

Today, the world is seeing the resurgence a Biafra more powerful than the Biafra of the 90s. Nnamdi Kanu has the magic wand. His ideology to always remain whiter than white in all truth and honesty is an indispensable characteristic every revolutionary leader must possess. Nnamdi Kanu knew that Biafra is divine, and he never failed to make the Supreme Being the anchor of the struggle. You only have to hear him pray, and you will see a man next to God's heart and a messenger of liberation. God knows why he struck Buhari with foolishness into arresting Nnamdi Kanu. He knows why He has hardened his heart not to release him. God is about to do something which will shock the World. Maybe we should ask the Biblical Pharoah of Egypt.



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