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According to our intelligence report, telling us to be on alert and very careful, information has it now that the Fulani herdsmen are working with Buhari, they are planning to attack a village in Imo state called Irette and along Owerri to Onitsha road. their ammunition has arrived and was brought in by the police to the area, after the Irette planned attack, they will go on to attack Isu local government of Imo state.

My source said for sure the herdsmen have written a letter to the village head saying that they killed their cows and they will pay them 200 million naira, surely they will buy ammunitions with the money.

Please raise an alarm concerning this for this is a very serious information ,start shouting on radio Biafra.

The people from that zone should be contacted urgently to guard up and be ready for any attack. Please Spread this news to go round.

Please call radio Biafra on this number to report anything unusual around you
Telephone numbers in Biafraland: +2348173813596, +2348172441079 Whatsapp/Viber: +44783130891 +447831308376 Skype Id: Radiobiafra6 Inquiry line: +12134573733 +12403459631



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