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This morning, the Niger Delta Avengers in a tweet on their official Twitter handle denied negotiating with the federal government of Nigeria. This is in relation to the news on Buhari's funny sick leave to London which is rather believed to be a negotiation mission and a cunny escape attempt of the proposed missile launch on Aso Rock by the Joint Niger Delta Liberation Front (JNDLF).
"This is to the Gen. public we're not negotiating with any Committee. if Fed Govt is discussing wth any group they're doing that on their own."
In a presiding tweet, the group also tweeted about their new attack on Chevron's Well RMP 20, which was blown up at exactly 1am this morning.
"At 1:00am today, the @NDAvengers blow up Well RMP 20 belonging to Chevron located 20 meters away from Dibi flow Station in Warri North LGA."
However, the federal government of Nigerian having failed in the use of military forces against the group, called a ceasefire on the innocent villagers of the Niger Delta region for two weeks. The fight for freedom and the incompetence of the federal government deepens in an apparent stand; its therefore true that injustice breeds resistance.

Written by Ken Pat
Published by Uchechi Collins
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