Emma Ike AguWE have demonstrated to the humanity that Nigeria was fraudulently created by Britain and is presently" fantastically corrupt". We have protested against the height of humiliation, oppression, suppression and genocide meted on us indigenous people of Biafra. We have intently and earnestly attested that we desire freedom. Freedom from political servitude, freedom from economic strangulation, social isolation, religious intolerance and above all security of our land and people, We are BIAFRA and resistant to oppression because it destroys our national solidarity, muffles our value system, deny us basic human rights, makes mockery of rule of law and democracy. Our stand is definite, indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) has adopted constitutional methods to self determination. We are dedicated to the destruction of all relics of 1914 amalgamation and are prepared for the sacrifices and consequences that may follow our collective resolve to restore Biafra land.

THE recent outburst of IKEDIFE,OZOBU,DEBE OJUKWU and now EMMA IKE AGU,led by IFEAJUNA RAPH UWAZURUIKE hiding his ugly face in oblivion, paid agents of Buhari's Islamic government manipulated by Mallam ROCHAS OKOROCHA. They have no pride and without honor belittle themselves to mere saboteurs of their people. A filthy group of "living dead" elders in hypocrisy, lovers of blood money, They conspired and volunteered to become masquerade witnesses against NNAMDI KANU in the federal high court but was completely disgraced by natural justice and put to shame, yet shameless to display their stupidity to justify the money paid to them. The more they utter foolishness against Nnamdi Kanu the more Biafra closer comes The more they take bribe from Buhari to accelerate incessant massacre of IPOB families and point the way for Fulani herdsmen the more the innocent Biafra blood enliven more Biafrans in the struggle. The seed from their blood flowing in our streets germinates everywhere and like wild fire is consuming enemies of Biafra.

EMMA IKE AGU should know that the whole Biafra communities have decided to go back to our ancestral homeland and heritage, a free people led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. From Igbanke to Igbo, from Ijaw to Ibibio,from Urhobo to Ogoni,Isoko to Idoma ,our freedom from British imperialism is sacrosanct and it's called BIAFRA. Neither EMMA with his negligible pocket radio that utters folly nor Ohaneze bunch of APC apologist and Biafra saboteurs can stop it. They are unknown except regrouping with any government in power or when election draws near. They perch on filthy politicians like vultures feast on dead bodies. They have sold their birthrights to uncircumcised dogs. They benefit from evil Nigeria and suck from the blood of peaceful protesters killed by DSS and murderous armed forces. They enthroned benevolent despotism and their judgment is the irreversible revolution coming.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains the loved and toasted bride of Biafra people. Our ancestors adore him. Our generation venerates him. He forfeited his palace as a crown prince and choose kuje prison for the sake of freedom of his people. He abandoned his family and even hated his own life unto death to defend Biafra from extinction. He strengthened the historical relationship of our communities, respected our communal idiosyncrasies, restored our political unity and by determined effort even in his extra judicial incarceration guaranteed our peace, freedom and security. He destroyed truthfully the south south south east nomenclature and crystallized our natural aspiration. He freed our people from inferiority complex and hopelessness. In this time of national humiliation, if not Nnamdi Kanu who else? Market women, bussiness association, farmers youths as well as students have been galvanized by RADIO BIAFRA and spirit of oneness created among our heterogenous people. It may be that the road to victory and independence has been littered with enemies within and without, we remain resolute and fearless before our enemies. In the end Biafra must come.

By Blessed Orji
For Family Writer


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