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Cyber War: Nigeria Launch Cyber Attack on IPOB, Biafrans Advised to Download Tor-App For Access To Websites

Family Writers of IPOB have in recent times received numerous complaints from several Biafrans especially those in Biafra land stating that they are having serious difficulties accessing the websites of Radio Biafra, The Biafra Herald, and Biafratimes.

The investigation has revealed that Nigerian government is spending millions of dollars trying to hack into these sites or block it entirely.

The Nigerian government is also desperately mounting a lot of pressures on companies hosting our various sites to refrain from doing so, but the to their greatest surprise, the more they try even with their lobbying, the more their failure is multiplied.

To say the least, one of the firms hosting our websites revealed to us a petition sent to them by Nigerian government asking them to delist our website from their server.

Just last year, Nigeria had to lobby Satlink an Israeli firm and buy over their satellite which was carrying the waves of Radio Biafra across the globe, this is after the torments of the most popular Radio in the world in 2015 became unbearable to them. The joy of Nigerian government would later expire untimely as Satlink got its satellite missing in the Orbit till date while Radio Biafra had already acquired two new satellites for its broadcasts.

Google has for a long time been accused of censoring Biafra news even as Twitter has compromised in a more astonishing way as the only time Biafra or anything related trends especially in Nigeria is when there is a concocted bad news tagged to it.

Many hackers have been bribed to hack into the sites mentioned above while some network carriers in Nigeria have been lobbied to make it difficult or for Biafrans in Biafra land to access most of the news, articles, and other important contents on our websites.

Our cyber team is working tooth and nail to ensure we come out victorious just as Nnamdi Kanu would always say- "In the end, we win." They have now introduced an internet application known as TOR (Download: https://www.torproject.org/about/overview.html.en) The Tor application is being used in areas such as Iran and China where restriction of some internet activities is prevalent. It helps users to access blocked websites on any connection. It does this by routing a web browsing over an encrypted network before it emerges at an end point which my be in an unfiltered or uncensored location. Biafrans who are experiencing some difficulties in accessing our websites have been advised to download and make use of the Tor App for easier access

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  1. CHINWEIKE VICTOR C11 May 2016 at 13:02

    Mr buhuri hear this; you are biting more than you can chew, we are unbeatable take it or live, frustration will definitely kill you aboki, keep wasting tax payers money, the you are supposed to used to run you government is what you wasting to fight a battle you have long lost.


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