There is brutal violence in Nkpor as Hausa/Fulani terrorists invaded the community, the community was taken unawares as sporadic gun  shots were being heard everywhere. This  however caused the residents to start scampering for safety. Ak47 riffles sound is being heard everywhere and people now thought it was the Nigerian soldiers on rampage as before.

Yesterday the IPOB had her remembrance day; there were sporadic gun shots which led to the death over 30 Biafrans as over 50 were arrested. The military had invaded a church and killed worshippers suspected to be pro-Biafra. While the shock of yesterday was still fresh, there is invasion of Nkpor and as the time of filing this report, number of casualties has not been attained.

Recall that rumor went round yesterday that Hausa\Fulani people were killed which was not confirmed but following BBC Hausa broadcast which allowed such unfounded news, it is likely that this is a retaliation of what the Hausa\Fulani heard.

There is a scene of war and Biafrans are falling down like their lives don’t matter anymore.

The lethal invasion reportedly took place in the early hours of Monday, May 30, 2016 as Catholic faithfuls were preparing to take part in morning mass.
The mission of the soldiers is yet unknown, but there are reports of multiple shots fired and many have been killed, residents say that several people were shot and killed in the gestapo style operation.
while many have fled to safety, more reports coming soon...


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