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There are reports of an explosion in the commercial city of onitsha, news reports  indicate that the explosion went off around 8 O’clock last night in the Nkutaku/Kara area populated mainly by northerners.

According to the report, “The explosion is suspected to have been caused by a petrol bomb. The key suspect is a man who came to eat at a local restaurant, who was said to have left after taking a few spoons of the plate of rice he ordered. “The explosion went off about five minutes after the man left the place,” the source said.

He disclosed that seven people were injured by the blast, adding: “The seven were taken to a local private hospital but three among them who were critically injured have been taken to the Boromeo Hospital run by the catholic Church.”

Rescue agencies were said to have moved in to render help shortly after the blast while a police team led by the Anambra State Deputy Commissioner of Police in Charge of Operations, Mr. A. J. Kokoma, were at the scene this morning.


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