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The Biafran pound, a legal tender in all francophone and most anglophone countries is now selling at N368. The currency which is recognised and accepted in countries like France, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, etc., and even discretely among Igbos currently has so much value, higher than the US Dollar and other western currencies.

The popularity and value of the Biafran money simply mean that a break-up is already established and recognised, or is “at best”, imminent. Having seen the gross injustice and marginalisation of Biafrans in play in Nigeria, most African and world leaders are giving their support to Biafran self-determination through significant means like acceptance of the currency and much more. Nigeria already seems to be bound for a collapse.

The use of Biafran pound abroad is an old development, which has however gained momentum in more recent times. There are grand plans by Biafrans to “regain” their independence. The Pound is a collectors’ item, which, ipso facto, would give it a lot of value, the tenability of the currency along the West African coastline is the machination of some powerful and unrepentant “Biafran leaders”, whose international goodwill and connections have pervaded West Africa and beyond.

Moreso, there is nothing the government of Nigeria can do to stop Biafrans, their resilience and intense effort towards independence so far proves that the marriage is over, the bond has expired, the injustice unleashed on them has reached its breaking point; and at this point, they are no longer willing to live as captives of war, they would rather die fighting to be free than live as slaves.

Written by Ken Pat
Published by Uchechi collins
For IPOB Writers


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