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Olisa Metuh's hearing just ended some few minutes ago as hearing has just commenced for Nnamdi Kanu's bail application Appeal.

Both councils in the case have introduced themselves after which Barr. Chuks Muoma(SAN) one of the councils to Nnamdi Kanu rose to address the judge-

"My Lord, with profound respect, a motion was filed on the 8th of April and the brief was on the 24th day of March. My Lord, I will humbly ask your Lordship to accept the motion for bail granting" Muoma posited.

After Muoma's proposal, the Judge proceeded to ask both councils if they are ready to argue the bail application of the Appellants of which they certainly agreed.


JUDGE: "What type of Appeal was filed?"

Barr.  Chuks Muoma: "It is an appeal against refusal of bail by the trial court. I have appellant and respondent brief against the refusal of bail, but the one coming up this morning is appeal against the refusal of bail. It was withdrawn on the 10th of March.

We filed an appellant brief dated the 2nd and the 3rd of March 2016 and we adopt the same and rely on it. We filed an appellant brief dated the 24th of March and as well 7th of April 2016 and we also adopt the same and rely on it. The trial judge gave ruling as regards the bail request. It was just one of the appellants who is requesting for bail. He tried to affiliate it with Asari Dokubo's case, but this case is totally distinguished from Asari's case."

After this, the Director of Public Prosecutions in Nigeria- Mohammed Diri who doubles as the defending council to the Nigerian government in this case rose and prayed the trial judge to stick to the rulings of the trial judge and ignore the request of the appellant for bail.

The judge after hearing from both councils adjourned the case to a date yet to be disclosed. Ibe Gift Amarachi of Family Writers reporting from Appeal court Abuja


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