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Yes to many Nigerians, nothing is intrinsically wrong or genocidal if Buhari, as the current president of Nigeria, on behalf of his own geographical North and people, who only could monster mere 5% of general revenue to the central purse of Nigeria, decided to use, as he have been doing, the armed forces, Dss , the police and other relevant security agencies to killing people, who are contributing parts of the remaining 95% of which Buhari parts of Nigeria are getting the largest chunk of shares under a draconian federal allocations and useless unitary-Federalism.

Now the International community via series of events and policy statements had rollout series of reports indicting all security institutions in Nigeria of being used by the ruling Government to subvert the will and positions of those who chooses the right of self-determination, rejecting their continuous staying in an unholy marriage created by foreigners and where their lives is endangered and cheated and their natural resources stolen by laws they were never parts of the making via non-conduct of a national referendum to give the social contracts sane credibility.

That the International community via the Amnesty International, The United States Department, the European Union and Parliament, Global Human Right Watch and hundreds of Human-right organizations within the failed Nigeria and the world, had all condemned the ways and manners the current regime in Abuja has resorted to using its security agencies and full federal might on the members and followers of indigenous people of Biafra, fragrant disobedience of court order, and bastardization of the concept of separation of powers and the promotion of the rule of law in a descent democratic society which existence and unity question, derived from the voluntary will of all the oppressed Ethnic Nationalities forced into its sovereign umbrella by those who created Nigeria.

President Buhari had taken action and made inflammatory statements, likewise some of his colleagues under the banner of various Northern leadership platforms, issuing threats and unrepentant superiority comments of using every means necessary to keep the country Nigeria one, as it is currently configured under a unitary/federalism, to their advantage and will rather go to war to see these lopsided structural deficiencies addressed or any agitation for Breakup actualized to checkmate the arrogance and opposition of Northern political and traditional elite, to a re-negotiated for a new Nigeria which outcome may be either in peace or pieces.

while the North was at this arrogance of doing whatever they likes with Nigeria at the detrimental disadvantages of other Regions that chooses to want to grow, the North continue to run Nigeria as their personal milking cow and subjected and reduced the southern downtrodden to this same levels as their own Alimajiris from the core-north and other peoples from also from other areas of the larger North, using their fronts from the South and the Middle-Belt.

They killed and destroyed those who opposed them and rendered some prostrate and irrelevant while those who tilt toe to their Regional agenda under the pretense of working for one Nigeria, dare not identify with their peoples quest for self-determination.

Now that the North is now facing a personality like Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) who have continue to insist that His own side of Nigeria known as Biafra worldwide, do not want to continue to play the role the British colonial masters, the initiator of Nigeria, and the Fulani, the inheritor of one Nigeria, designated for them as slaves, he and his majority of the ordinary poor Biafrans, in their millions, had invoked the universal rights as indigenous peoples to self-determination under the charter of the United Nations and all other international instruments, which Buhari and his co-northern travelers in the murky waters of Pan-Nigerian internal colonialism were not comfortable with.

That currently, the prosecutors of the International courts are in Nigeria to read out the charges against Nigeria, Boko-Haram, Buhari and the activities of the Nigerian Armed Forces and their other complimentary agencies, on how they had been accused to have committed crimes against humanity in their desperate bid to preserve the unity of “Nigeria” or its “territorial integrity”. That the visitation of the International criminal court officials were preceded by series of official released documentation of The United States Government, European Union and Parliament, Amnesty International releasing strong worded reports against gross human rights violation by the current regime in Nigeria and its security agencies against the civil rights of the ordinary slaves called Nigeria.

That while the Nigerian President was still in China, his Minster for justice was presented with the petition against the President of the Nigerian State and its Armed Forces, the police and the Dss, the Boko-Haram fiasco, the killings of IPOB members and the Shiites factors within the spate of one year of coming to power and a situation the said Minister of Justice of Nigeria told the visiting investigating team of the prosecutor team of the International Criminal court that Nigeria has the internal mechanism of dealing with but which was rejected by the ICC via the international community.

Whether the proponent of one Nigeria like this or not, those foreign forces that created Nigeria are here and whatever they decided to do with Nigeria must be centrally be focused in the final resolution of the National question in Nigeria, whether the criminal political and traditional all across Nigeria and big-elite and their pan-Nigerian regional errand-boys, like this or not.

That the unity of Nigeria has overstayed its welcome and it’s time for all the various Ethnic Nations forced and trapped within Nigeria to experience fresh breaths and re-claim their indigenous humanity again.

That those who are hell-bent deceiving themselves by saying that nothing will happen must be told the elementary truth.

Nigerians did not create Nigeria, and some Nigerians cannot forever forced one Nigeria on the others as those who created the country are here now to undo it via the ICC intervention.

Let the north begin to plan their lives and development on patterns that is best suitable for them.

The era of living lives of over feed and pampered child is gone forever.

A Buhari presidency cannot and will never stop Nigeria from breaking up.

Since the President return from China, he had not said anything relating to the above matter.

To make matter worst for Nigeria, the European parliament, Amnesty International and the others had declared the arrests and continuous detention of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra as illegal and abuse of the judicial process in failed one Nigeria.

The implication of the above development is that the fate of Nnamdi Kanu Biafra’s versus Nigeria is no longer in the hands of Nigeria and its President, but the International community.

I hope the Yoruba will learn from the above. But funny enough, no Nigerian print newspapers or Electronics media organizations are ever allow to investigate these above information’s or dare to publish it.

This is how deeply degenerated everything in one Nigeria has become.

Thank you very much! You can research and confirm the above information via google and other searching social-media searching machine.

Source: Oduduwa-Voice Radio

Published by Chinwe Korie


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