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A very reliable information made available to Family Writers from United States of America has revealed how the dreaded Spirit of Biafra pursued Nigerian President- Muhammadu Buhari to USA and forced him into holding a top-secret meeting with not more than five Nigerians in an enclave during the just concluded Nuclear Summit.

Having been aware that Biafrans have concluded plans to disgrace him at the usual town hall meeting he used to hold with Nigerians in USA during his visits, Buhari had to hold the meeting privately with few Nigerians in USA who are suspected to be APC supporters.

"There were no independent press accounts as the media was also kept in the dark about this clandestine meeting"

"While the five people he met with may be good Nigeria Diaspora citizens, they do not represent any known organised Diaspora organisations" our source disclosed on the condition of anonymity. When further asked why the meeting was held in secret, he said-

"The event may have been kept secret; location unknown possibly due to the publicly telegraphed plans by various groups particularly the Biafra movement to confront Buhari during the visit."
It should be noted that on the very first day of the Summit, hundreds of Biafrans and supporters in USA had flooded the venue of the summit which made Buhari to abscond from the first session of the Summit. It was revealed that the fear of the highly aggrieved Biafrans waiting for him at the vicinity of the summit with pictures of Biafrans massacred by his firing squad of army and police couldn't allow Buhari to step an inch from his room at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

It was all thanks to American security staff assigned to him who had to assist him with safer routes for subsequent meetings which helped him to avoid the angry Biafrans who were ready to devour him at first sight. A similar situation occurred in London were Buhari had to be smuggled out from his meeting with some Diasporans because of the enraged Biafrans who confronted him at the venue.

Biafrans all over the world has since declared that there shall be no peace for Carnivorous Nigerian politicians who derive joy in killing, kidnapping and incarceration of Biafra activists and urged Nigerian government to release Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu and allow for a peaceful restoration of Biafra or "there can never be peace in Nigeria."

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
Edited and Published by Uchechi Collins
For Family Writers


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