Director General SSS, Lawan Daura

I can't understand the desperation of the DSS turning IPOB into a terror group saying five Fulani herdsmen were abducted and killed, but have not found it worthy to classify these Fulani Herdsmen who have been killing and slaughtering people around the contraption called Nigeria a terror group. However, whichever way they came up with their lies about IPOB , we are here to destroy it for the world to see .

The DSS did not just say the Fulani herdsmen were killed in Abia state by some men presumably Igbo, their statement was that it was IPOB that did it and you know what that means? How did the DSS determine who the killer of a body found in a shallow grave is? Maybe, the zoo DSS has turned forensic experts overnight. The question which the DSS never contemplated could come up is "how did they come up with the identity of the killer of a body exhumed from a mass grave". Is the IPOB the only people in Aba? Has the IPOB ever retaliated to the massacres going on in Biafra land? Because I believe, being an IPOB and being a criminal probably wanting to rob a Fulani after his days job is two different things.

The mention of IPOB was simply aimed to instigate ethnic war. They claimed that there were fifty more bodies in that grave and that they are Fulani, but decided to bring out only five, this I called a fallacy. Who else saw these bodies?  Most likely some DSS masquerades witnesses will be required to prove this latest allegation. Only masquerades witness DSS crime scenes. Until then their allegations are baseless as always.

Buhari the Nigeria president overtimes tried all he could to nail Biafrans aspiring for her independence down but he couldn't thus he resorted to his usual way "lies" using his thugs the DSS.  The implications of this announcement are vivid. It will create more tension, violence and fear in the land and it will lead to reprisal massacre of Biafrans in the north. Since Buhari climbed the mantle of leadership, over ten months, more than five thousand Biafra protesters have been murdered in cold blood at Onitsha Anambra state, at Aba, at rivers state. yet the DSS has never spoken against it and told the country about the details and ethnic identities of the victims.


When one thousand Shiite Muslims were slaughtered the DSS overlooked it. When Biafrans were found dead with their hands tied behind their back at Aba , the DSS didn't announce it, the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped by the DSS, yet nobody questioned. When five hundred Idomas were massacred in Agatu by Fulani herdsmen the DSS did not speak.

When our mothers farms in Biafra land were raided by AK-47-wielding Fulani herdsmen who killed and raped Biafra women , the DSS were either dumb or deaf. Even after slaughtering over a million people in the North East Nigeria, the Nigeria DSS has not found it fit to describe Boko Hara as terrorist, instead, they are referred as "insurgents" but bodies of five Fulani murderers were seen in a grave and the DSS  did not hesitate to tag the peaceful IPOB as terrorists.I believe the DSS has to be educated more on what terrorism mean

Why are the heavens falling just because only 5 bodies of purported Fulani herdsmen were allegedly found in a shallow grave while hundreds of thousands of Biafrans have been murdered and slaughtered in the north without the police doing as little as investigate? All these crimes meted on Biafrans from 1966 till date, who has asked questions? But because Buhari and his murderous DSS are sure to face prosecution of crimes against humanity at the Hague, he has mandated his hound dogs to fabricate unfounded lies against IPOB and her leadership, but they failed.

IPOB is to be tagged a terror group because 5 Fulanis herdsmen died in the east but the thousand of lives being slaughtered on a daily basis by these same Fulani herdsmen wielding AK47 assault rifles is not enough to tag them a terror group.  Do these DSS agents think that people are as daft as they are? Always looking for a false allegation to support a lie. The DSS is a bunch of hypocrites.

Biafrans are peace loving people who value human life more than anything and have always maintained tranquil despite being killed by Buhari's agents of death. All the evil plans of the DSS to tag Biafrans terrorist have failed and is null and void.

By Anyikwa Kelechi Cynthia

Edited  By Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

For Biafra writers.



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