mazi in court today Apr 5

It has happened and here is the end of the road; the lion has finished his duty on earth. “It is either Biafran flag is raised or i am lowered to the grave" the popular phrase has been implemented. Whichever time it happens; we should all bear in mind that Nnamdi Kanu paid the ultimate price for our freedom. He was arrested, denied bail, tortured, kept incommunicado, abused and finally poisoned. He was treated like nobody and made to suffer our afflictions; for the sake of Biafra; a Prince chose a miserable life and sad experience. Neither did he see his new baby or showed a fatherly love to him; like Christ Jesus; he has done everything and lost everything. Having been poisoned; he might live for more time but while his time is approaching; let us be in sober and reflect on everything he has done. This is a man that never wanted war but justice; a man that chose death over his comfort; death but death for the poor and oppressed people of Biafra

Having burst into Nnamdi Kanu's prison room and struck him unconscious with what was done on him not disclosed. The reality remains that having tried to implicate Nnamdi Kanu and terminate him through the court; the DSS failed and frustration forced them to physically engage Nnamdi Kanu. History has been on the side of Nigeria as MKO Abiola was murdered and nothing happened. Sarowiwa was murdered and nothing happened; they have drawn conviction from history and to repeat it became an option. As unwise as they are; they are unaware that Biafra is an ideology if not a religion to us. As they have poisoned Nnamdi Kanu with hope for him to die slowly; every single one of them will pay immeasurably.

Nnamdi Kanu has been poisoned and will slowly fade away even when finally released to Biafrans. There is need to sharpen the sword because this shall never end with this generation. The poisoning of Nnamdi Kanu is an affront to the entire Biafran people and we must stand and be counted. They have killed us so much and I urged that we die once and forever save our lives and that of our generation. Biafrans abroad must wake up and support the call for justice. Nnamdi Kanu left London and came down to this hell called Nigeria to die for our people. Let there be move for the worst; if Nnamdi Kanu has implemented "Biafra or Death" it is now left for us to die honourably in the battlefield and we shall not stop dying till everything has died with us.


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