By Paul Ihechi Alagba

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When I was very young, I’m always confused when old men look at someone and ask- "WHY DID YOU BEAT A DRUM IN THE BUSH ONLY TO COME OUT ON THE ROAD TO START LOOKING FOR WHO BEAT THE DRUM?"

As small as I am then, this was one of the most ridiculous proverbs I used to hear because I couldn't comprehend how someone can do something and immediately start looking for someone else that did it. Although I had to ask my wonderful Late Father to explain those mysteries to me which he always gladly did, I’ve recently encountered a firsthand experience of what these old men were talking about. They were actually referring to people like "the murderous Nigerian government"-no other thing explains it better to me.

It is on record that right from the first day of creation and amalgamation of Nigeria, Biafrans have continued to be the sacrificial lambs necessary for the continuous existence of Nigeria. To Nigerians It doesn't matter if these lambs are buried alive, it doesn't matter if foreigners are hired to wipe them off the face of the earth with war planes, it doesn't matter if a consensus has been reached with the rest of the world to slaughter them all, it doesn't matter if they are starved to death as long as it will appease the gods who created Nigeria.

Just as it is said that every day is for the thief, one-day is for the owner of the house, the evil of Nigerian government and their allies is gradually catching up with them as their atrocities against Biafrans are now being exposed across all nations of the world despite the fact that they have continuously  lived in self denial.

A Human Rights Group known as International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law(INTERSOCIETY) which has been dogged and un-intimidated in exposing the genocide being perpetrated by Nigerian government in its recent investigation into the several killings in Onitsha, has revealed how Nigerian soldiers of Onitsha Military Cantonment under the leadership of Col. Issah Abdullahi had deposited three(3) dead bodies of the many Biafrans they massacred in Onitsha on the 17th of December 2015 at the Onitsha General Hospital Mortuary.

READ IT HERE: .How Pro-Biafra Activists Were Murdered And Dumped At Onitsha Mortuary By Nigerian Soldiers

The Indigenous people of Biafra members were celebrating an initial court order which granted Nnamdi Kanu an unconditional release before the trigger-happy Nigerian military under the command of Lt. General Tukur Buratai opened fire on them killing about 25 of them and injuring several others while scores were abducted. The statement reads in part-

"Further investigations revealed that the corpses were hidden somewhere in Awka before they were transferred to  the Onitsha Government General Hospital on the approval of some officials of the government of Anambra State"

"Investigations further reveals that soldiers cannot deposit such murdered corpses in public mortuary on their own without the involvement of the police which was why they sought and secured the involvement of police personnel of the CPS Onitsha."- INTERSOCIETY noted.

In a related development, a revelation emanating from an IPOB official in Abia State has revealed another location where 8 Biafrans who were murdered by a combined team of Nigerian army and police have been dumped in a burrow pit at the border between Rivers State, Abia State and Imo State in a community known as Etche community in Rivers State.

"I went to the abandoned site last week where the 8 corpses were dumped and saw them. We strongly suspect that those 8 new corpses dumped in Etche community are members of Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) arrested in their homes and other locations as well as those arrested by soldiers since 9th of February 2016 at Ngwa High school who were moved to the Ohafia military Barracks." the IPOB official disclosed to INTERSOCIETY.

It should be noted that INTERSOCIETY had earlier discovered and revealed two different locations where Biafrans massacred by Nigerian army and police at Ngwa high school in Aba Abia State during IPOB prayer session were dumped in different burrow pits. They have also accused the Nigerian security agencies of applying chemical substances on the dead bodies and while several others were burnt in order to avoid traces and recognition. Other international Human Rights organisations working closely with INTERSOCIETY such as Amnesty International slammed the government of Muhammadu Buhari for the genocide he is executing on peaceful Biafrans using his security forces.

The accusations that government officials are sponsoring the massacre of Biafrans have received serious credence as they have all maintained an astonishing muted stance exemplified by Buhari's refusal to watch the "Aba massacre" when the viral video was presented to him by an Al-jazeera journalist. Nigerian government instead of prosecuted those who are executing these dastardly acts against Biafrans who are already known to all and sundry have given them higher promotions only to set up a "kangaroo commission of enquiry" which Biafrans and INTERSOCIETY has revealed is solely to cover up for the atrocities they have committed.

This has raised serious concern across the  world as several law makers and Human Rights activists has risen up in defence of Biafrans. Biafrans on their own part have taken extra measures to protect themselves from the murderous Nigerian security agencies through the declaration that they've activated their right to self defence during their subsequent peaceful procession. Nigerian government has been advised to thread with caution or risk an uprising that will throw the whole of Africa and Europe in Chaos.


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