Mazi Nnamdi KAnu

The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) at the weekend, described as misleading the speculation in some quarters that its de­tained leader, Nnamdi Kanu, begged the British govern­ment to rescue him from the Nigerian authorities since he has British citizenship.

IPOB accused the fed­eral government and some media outfits of twisting the facts and contents of a let­ter addressed to the British High Commission by Kanu’s lawyer, expressing his lack of confidence in the Nigerian judiciary.

A statement signed by IP­OB’s Spokespersons, Emma Nmezu, and Clifford Iroanya, claimed that government “through some hired media outfits misinterpreted the contents of the letter to de­ceive the gullible minds”.

The statement read in part: “The most surprising of all these is the gullibility of a section of the Nigerian me­dia. Without reviewing the content of the letter, a section of the Nigerian media were awash with lies that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was begging the British government to intervene in his illegal deten­tion and in the court cases.

“Any discerning person reading the letter, cannot come to the conclusion of any plea to be rescued, but a sizeable media are so des­perate that they are willing to fabricate stories to make themselves feel better.

“It is interesting to note that none of the issues of miscarriage of justice con­tained in the letter was re­ported which goes to prove that some segments of the media, like the judges in Ni­gerian courts, are purveyors of evil and iniquity.

“We reiterate that at no time did the leader of IPOB beg for freedom, hence journalists should have read the letter before reporting instead of vomiting verba­tim, what the congenital liar (names withheld) handed out to them.

“We advise the obviously compromised Nigerian media to stop clutching at straws in the hope of limiting the global embarrassment on Buhari caused by the il­legal detention of the IPOB leader”.

IPOB maintained that the Federal Government was planning to hide under the cover of the said letter to free Kanu in order to escape hu­miliation in court as it could never proved the trumped up treason charges slammed on him.

“Buhari’s plan is to hide under this misinterpreted letter and release Nnamdi Kanu to British government and then avoid facing him in the court of law.

“Nigeria should come to the court to prove their bo­gus treasonable felony charge against our leader and the government must stop scav­enging for soft landing”, it added.

IPOB also threatened that hell would be let loose if any­thing untoward happened to its detained leader, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu.

The group said it plans to resume protests to get the federal government to free Kanu, who is also the Direc­tor of Radio Biafra; and will put in place a television tech­nology to broadcast live all its activities in Nigeria.

Mmezu and Iroanya said Kanu will no longer accept any food, including those brought by his close family members to avoid poisoning it by the Department of State Security (DSS), which usual­ly scrutinizes his food before allowing it in.

‘Many people are willing to die for Nnamdi Kanu so Buhari-led All Progressives Congress Federal Govern­ment should tread carefully with the life of Mr. Kanu because hell will be let loose if anything happens to him, Nigeria will never be the same should anything un­toward happens to Kanu.

“Our resumption of pro­test is imminent but for un­derstandable reasons we can’t give you details yet. We are putting in place our TV tech­nology so the whole world will watch it live online and gain firsthand knowledge of the brutality of the Nigerian Army.

“We are IPOB and we do things in a unique way, so our next outing will shake the whole earth. The worst mis­take this government did is to arrest our leader and now they are beginning to discov­er how formidable we are.”


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