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Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu has called on Igbo leaders to prevent the youths from engaging in a reprisal against the fulani herdsmen who invaded a community in Enugu State and killed no fewer that 50 people. in his flawless statement yesterday he said   “This matter should no longer be treated with levity, but regarded as a matter that can seriously affect the peace, unity and economic progress of this country, which all of us are trying to achieve. For example, most farmers in these areas are afraid to go to their farms for fear that they may be killed or raped by this group.”

This is really unfortunate that it is coming from an Igbo elite who knows exactly what is at stake, the fact is with or without a reprisal attack on the herdsmen they are still going to carry out more attacks on biafrans and wreck more havoc, mind you the so called fulani herdsmen unleashed the same terror on  Agatu a Benue state community killing over 500 persons including women and children and nothing was said or done about it neither was there any reprisal response from the agatu youths therefore the issue of Iwuanyawu calling on Igbo leaders to stop the youths from carrying out a reprissal attack is just as  disappointing as it could be, we are Biafrans and we are not cowards, we will defend our land even if it takes a reprisal attack

Having seen what the herdsmen had done to these communities and other regions accross the country, it is only a coward who would sit and watch while his people are being slaughtered, truth is something has to be done to stop these blood hungry demons else they will continue to carry out their evil terror attacks and do not expect any arrest or justice because the people who are throwing their support behind these evil men are in the top government positions, the herdsmen are just messengers carrying out their masters plan and nothing can touch them, more like they are protected by their nothern hausa masters who are the real owners of the cows.
recently the Northern governors have openly defended them.

Questions to Iwuanyawu that needs urgent answers goes as follows :

1. What do you suggest the youths do when the fulani carry out another attack?
2. Can you stop the herdsmen from killing biafrans ?
3. Do you think they will stop carrying out these attacks ?
4. Do you think any of these terrorists will be brought to book?

These are the questions one should consider before opening his/her mouth to the media, you don't expect the youths to sit and fold their arms while our land is being invaded and our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are being killed like animals, something has to be done even if it takes a reprisal attack to deter the herdsmen, no doubt this is exactly how the war started in 1967 but every individual have a fundamental right to self defence  if a war is declared on you , you have no choice but to defend yourself and this is what we must all do because the hausa fulani and their masters have decided to wipe us out  the surface of the earth and we will not sit and fold our arms watching, we MUST defend our self, our land, our family and our generation considering every neccessary required actions.

By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB Writers


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  1. Don't mind all these selfish elements parading as Igbo elites and politicians. Northern governors are defending the herdsmen while these morons are busy talking trash.
    We have to defend our land and the time is now.


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