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Just few days after the unexpected visit of former president OBJ to Aso rock presidential villa Abuja in an undisclosed secret meeting with  president Muhamadu Buhari ,  The DSS went on a swift move to Kuje prison unannounced, bursting into Nnamdi Kanu's cell room and knocking him out in the name of searching his cell room, what transpired there in was unknown ,Reports have it that he may have been injected with Dimethylmercury subtance or something similar.

Dimethylmercury as widely known as the "Slow Killer " it  is a poisonous substance if injected into the body,  slowly attacks the red blood cells, gradually killing the host and could take several months before the host feels the painful reaction and is usually hard to save the person.

Could it be that OBJ's visit to Aso rock is to give president Buhari such evil advice? could it be that Buhari heeded to his advice and sent his DSS to carry out such evil plans? Why was OBJ's visit so urgent and unannounced? what is so serious that can not be discussed over the phone? The Nigerian news media said he went there to discuss the budget, but my question is, Why is the budget so urgent and important to OBJ who have to leave his home  and travel thousands of kilometres to meet Buhari in person? Can't the budget be disscused via the phone? What is so important in the so called budget? which is even yet to be signed by Buhari.

This simply shows that there is something fishy going on, besides OBJ have a history of eliminating political prisoners back in 1998 before Abiola's death this happened,
“The decision to kill Abiola was taken when IBB visited Obj in Abeokuta in 1998 to ask him to run for President, Obj was said to have asked his twin-devil how he would run for president when MKO Abiola was still alive to which IBB allegedly said "Don't worry  that will be taken care of", Of course they did through poisoning”- Yinka

They both connived and kill Moshood Abiola the presumed winner of the June 12, 1993 Presidential election annuled by former military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida.

Now the BIG question is can Nigeria withstand the anger and vernom of the Biafrans?

Nigeria may be sparking a third World War in Africa if the allegations of poisoning Nnamdi Kanu comes to be true even if it surfaces months after Kanu must have been released. The elasticity of the patience of Biafrans is already being exhausted given the desperate posture of Nigerian government through their DSS to give Nnamdi Kanu a masquerade or eliminate him in the process. Several International security experts have warned that the “modus operandi" of Nigerian government in handling the Biafra issue especially Nnamdi Kanu's incarceration and trial may likely spark a war that will ravage the most populous British former colony in Africa.

It would be very stupid of Nigerian government to under-estimate or ignore Biafrans at this point in time. It will be very dangerous and catastrophic to underestimate what would be a horrible reaction of Biafrans if pushed to the wall.

It should be noted that if an ordinary arrest of Nnamdi Kanu can spark a major protest among Biafrans all over the world who initially barely have time for any other thing apart from their business, work and education, then Nigerian government should be severely worried imagining what would happen if there is any scratch on Nnamdi Kanu or if they fail to allow justice prevail in his trial.


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