Now there seems to be a switch of hope, from U.S. to Russia and the reason is simple. The Syrian conflict played a remarkable role and serves as the changer. Putin swore to protect the minority Christians in Syria, that move triggered the hope of Christians around the world that God has sent another Messiah that would save his people. US fell apart in her primary objective which has been the protection of Christians against Islamic radicalism or extremism. Obama's regime abused the ethics of America and changed her focus, from confrontational measures to imperialistic measures. God used to be the foundation of American actions but today even as Americans wail for her government to intervene in matters concerning her perceived natural allies, the government plays blind and deaf to such call. Obama has done more harm than good to Christians and it is really unlike America. Christianity handicapped Christians which made them vulnerable, there is no room for retaliation or attack, a Christian only pray for help even when he should fight, this however places more burden of protection on the government. Obama has failed woefully as Christians are overlooked, instead of saving Christians, he hands Christians over to Islam. In Nigeria, he handed Christians over to a sharia freak Muslim and failed in Israel.


The hope Russia has triggered is the reason persecuted people and Christians will channel their time to draw Putin's attention. Russia is taking the place of America and Syria was evident, Biafra should be the next destination. All hope is now anchored on Russia as America has betrayed God. Only in Obama's regime has an Islamic freak abused the right of Tom and protected the right of Tom because this Tom is a Muslim and the other Tom is not. Condemnation was long expected from the white House that has been known for justice, but to our greatest surprise, things had fallen apart in the white-house, while in Russia things are falling into shape. There is a burden on Russia that she must bear and God will give the fortitude and bless Russia to bear the burden. Putin is simply the emerging hand of God and with Biafra in sight, Russia will reap the good seed of justice that will shortly be sown in Biafra. Biafra is a call of justice and only the just and righteous shall answer the call.

In 1967 Russian government assisted Nigerian government in bringing Biafra down,fate is taking its course because she that tied Biafra is being called upon to untie her. There are too many reasons Biafra don't blame Russia for the genocide, there was no information or knowledge of what is happening or how the genocide transpired, Russia was brought into the foray by Britain after lies and deceit. There was a conviction by Britain to the world that we deserve no support and should be cleansed as we are a threat to peace. Today the truth has been made bare and Russia is on a return mission. This mission is to right some wrongs and bring justice where one was denied. Putin is ushering in a new era and super-power Russia that will restore the purpose of God on earth and I am convinced that Biafra is the imminent demonstration of that era and purpose. Putin must have followed the whole story and gotten the first hand information of what is going on in Biafra,and also what went on previously in Biafra. Having sat down and judged the matter, the resolution is for justice to prevail and Putin must choose Biafra for fairness.

Finally, Biafrans have no hope as death is the option we have or remain under slavery, we are killed for coming out to pray to God for our salvation, we are killed for peacefully agitating for the release of our leader. Palestine is supported on their self-determination quest, Western Sahara in Morocco also supported for their self-determination quest by Muhammadu Buhari but we are killed and incarcerated by same man for our self-determination quest devoid of violence. He speaks and supports his Muslim brothers on self-determination but kill and incarcerate his Christian foes on same self-determination. We have no one to speak to but God has brought Putin to speak for the oppressed and for that reason we initiated our call campaign that you- Putin may come to our aid, free us from our oppressors through the restoration of Biafra that lost her sovereignty in 1967. We are held in Nigeria through conquest and have been marginalized and treated as slaves by conquest. We are killed for self-determination because they believe as slaves we have no right to ask for freedom. Putin to restore Biafra is the dream we nurse every night and day.


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