Google censorship

It came to our notice lately that Google has been removing from the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) most of pro-Biafra news and links and intentionally leaving the negative lies from the Nigerian government and the Department of State Services (DSS) against the people of Biafra. Apparently, Google has imbibed the normal Nigerian brown envelopes journalism via its media. This is a direct compliance to the African Hitler; Buhari's quest to continue the massacre of peaceful Biafrans.
Behind the right to oblivion on the web is hiding the tyranny of Buhari; the current Islamic president of Nigeria. With this, Google is gradually getting rid of the truth, inconvenient news about Nigeria, crimes, and atrocities committed against humanity i.e the peaceful Indigenous People of Biafra by Buhari.

It has always been the wish of the wicked to use any means available to them in erasing their wicked past. All thanks to Google's complicity. Motion is already at full throttle in this systematic silencing of peaceful people. This is potentially the most dangerous assault on freedom of speech in the world since 1945.
A grotesque scandal, in fact. Buhari has ordered and bribed Google to remove all links to the internet data which are uncomfortable to him and the DSS. While Google has cashed in, it is meanwhile seeking to please these killers by removing news and information that has anything and everything to do with Biafra from the SERP.

In compliance with a recent European legislation, Google should receive and evaluate requests for removal. If it considers that there are genuine reasons to oppose, such should be applied to a judge. Instead, removals of links carrying news about Biafra are occurring without any verification. It has thus emerged, along with fears that this tool would be served to conceal serious crimes committed against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) by the African Hitler Buhari. Google had long sought to obstruct the passage of the law, but without success. However,  it seems that the clashes are still open.

The Company, (Google) has removed without hesitation even news of a certain western journalistic relevance. All deleted from Google searches without consulting a judge. As expected, the issue is currently raising a fuss and many say Google is acting on purpose and has been compromised and corrupted by the Modern Day African Hitler Buhari. Seeing how Google is systematically sending people's right to oblivion in this manner upsets journalists and all lovers of freedom worldwide.

The Biafra Times was mentioned by Paul Bernal, a specialist in digital rights and intellectual property (East Anglia Law School). According to him, ''Google is deliberately blocking influential journalists items on Biafra and what's happening in Nigeria, so as to convey the message that the European law has indeed a tool of censorship.'' Therefore, it is noteworthy that Google is hereby violating Journalists fundamental right to freedom of speech, which certainly can not be taken lightly. Biafrans will not hesitate to let this slip by without bringing it to world notice.

Written by: Anderline Amamgbo
Edited by: Obioma Ebere
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers


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