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Salah Abdeslam, the Isis jihadi who helped kill 130 people in the Paris attacks, has been caught alive after being shot in the leg during an anti-terror raid in Brussels.

"We got him," the Belgian justice minister declared after confirming that Abdeslam, who has been on the run since the night of the attacks in November, had been captured during the operation in Molenbeek.

Two other people were arrested in the firefight between the suspected terrorists and the police.

Two people have been injured in the raid - one being Abdeslam and another being a police officer, Belgium's public broadcaster RTBF reported.

TV footage showed armed officers descending into the area and gunshots and explosions were reportedly heard.

Fire engines and ambulances were seen driving into the gated complex, which remains under armed police guard, and a helicopter hovered overhead.

Local media said police, who were joined at the scene by the army, appeared to use grenades while eyewitness reports suggested white smoke could be seen coming from a property.

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