Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Africa- two Nigerdelta Boys paddling
The contraption called Nigeria was one of the top ten richest oil producing country, but even those countries who are not privileged to have these resources, are many times better than Nigeria. Mind you, these mineral resources are located in the old Eastern region known as Biafra land, but the oil well is controlled by the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba counterparts.

Imagine where an amount as huge as $16bn (£11bn) from the oil sector is missing. Whereas the people that own the oil are suffering day in and day out, some has relocated to a neighbouring country in search for greener pastures, but someone will divert billions and trillions that comes out from my father's back yard as a private property, while his tour hard to earn a living. Then they come back and tell me that my brother is my problem what a hypocritical beings!

The auditor general has just discovered such amount missing under the NNPC. This is a country that has no electricity, this is a country that is backwards in educational system, a country that roads are swamps, a country that cannot refine oil that is located within the country, a country that cannot provide tap bore water for the citizens. But just an individual can divert billions and trillions of naira

Imagine where this huge amount of money is pushed into agricultural sector, don't you think it will be more helpful both in terms of employment and production?. One will wonder what an individual can divert such amount of money while citizens are suffering languishing in pain, dying untimely.

man walking on oil site

These rogues transfer the money into their foreign accounts, use them to houses, streets, shopping etc. But the citizens are suffering back home. Eating from hand to mouth. When these rogues wants to go out for shopping, they visit Dubai, when they want to school they send their kids to England, when they are sick, they run to America.

Now the question is, who developed those countries they often visit? Can't they develop theirs to that standard? Of course they can, but due to greed and corruption that has been addicted to them, they overlook their responsibilities.

Nigeria's oil reserves should have been blessing for Nigeria to be used to build infrastructure and invest in social services. Instead, it has been a curse, a lubricant that has produced massive corruption and dysfunctional governments. President Buhari was elected on a platform of cleaning up the country's notoriously corrupt politics.

But he can't, because Nigeria is corruption itself, so before anyone thinks of destroying corruption in Nigeria, He should think of starting from the foundation, which is the country herself should be destroyed. The peadophile can't fufill his promise because, he is the greatest illiterate, and as we know, people give out what the have. President Buhari has nothing to give to his people, so what else do you expect?

Nigeria is Africa's biggest oil producer, but the economy has suffered because of the recent decline in the price of oil. And i wish her REST IN PIECES, because those that claimed to make her one has failed and she is in doomed stake. Biafra has come to take what rightly belongs to her not Nigeria property, so shall we have it.

By.Emmanuel precious
Editor.Udeagha Obasi
For.Umuchiukwu writers.



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